Saturday, February 14, 2009

Married to my Valentine

I've got a built-in date. A build-in cuddle buddy. I couldn't imagine the other half of our bed empty. We had a fabulous "Erin & Lee Day" working in the yard, grabbing a burger and making a trip to Lowes. Sounds very domestic, eh? We originally had plans to make a pizza together and then create our very own banana splits but we were so dang sore and exhausted from yard work that we just took the lazy way out. Getting horizontal in front of the tube is more cozy anyway. I held my breathe for a bit today while Lee and I discussed his swearing in on Tuesday. It's for sure. Scheduled. Going to happen. I got the 411 on the upcoming events. The Day and The Life of Erin is about to change. Never in a million did I see myself as an Army Wife. And I still don't. Lee will be away from 14 weeks of Basic Training/AIT and then 3 weeks of Airborne School. After that SOPC for approximately a month and then to SFAS for approximately a month...and then Qcourse? Who knows how long that will last?!?!? Its bittersweet when I think about it. Part of me wants him home asap but the other part wants to prolong his training as long as possible to prevent the chances of him getting deployed. If WE have to be married to the Army for 6 years then maybe he can get as much training as possible to decrease his chances of actually putting that training to use. I have a feeling I'll be holding my breathe a lot more in days to come.

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