Friday, September 28, 2012

mi casa tu mikasa

When we were married, we had family china passed down to us. An entire set and then the gravy boat! BUT I have drooled over Honey We're Home's black and gold chevron china ever since I set my eyes on it. It's lovely and very us. She got it at Zgallerie but by the time I discovered it, it was no longer in stock. I have since done some detective work and found the exact design at Mikasa. I really want it...obviously! AND I found it on sale on Mikasa's website. Plus free shipping and two 20% coupons I found online. (1 off entire purchase and the other off a single item)
BUT after doing some browsing on Mikas's website I fell in love with another idea...
I got 8 of each: Platinum in the chevron pattern and gold in the polka dots.

And we don't have any champagne flutes. Insert sad face, huh? Ha! I just haven't found any I liked well enough to go with our existing china, etc. I have even been known to borrow flutes from friends for showers I've hosted. I don't know what it is about my shopping commitment issues. I either really like it and have to have it ASAP or just do without and dwell on it forever. Like my coffee table and camera bag dilemma! I guess that's a good thing???
Well in this case, waiting is a good thing because the crystal Mikasa flutes I want are now on clearance for $5.99 so I bought 8.
I plan to buy 8 of Kate Spade's New York Grace Avenue flutes too. I think the bows are precious but it will take me a bit to round these up. I'm going to use my 20% BBB coupon and buy a pair one at a time.
Then I'll have a party and we'll all drink mimosas.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

make an entry

I updated the entry a tad. Here's an after pic. Click HERE to see the before from the realtor's pix prior to us moving into our casa.

randoms from lee

I talked to Lee at lunch and he said a couple of things that he finds weird in Afghanistan:

1. There is meat marinade for purchase in the PX but no meat available to what meat are people using when they buy marinade???

2. You can find TONS of cereal options in the PX but no milk. Are there really TONS of people that like dry cereal??? Because using powder milk just sounds gross.

Pansy sale was a huge success. We ended up selling $7,000 worth of pansies and proceeds help to benefit CASA! Awesome, huh?! I took this pic and gave a shout out on FB to our donors from our Admin page. Really starting to feel more comfortable with my camera:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

last night

I had an alum meeting for my sorority. I'm VP this year and really loving being more involved. Last night we announced so many exciting things. One of which has to do with our annual pansy sale. Proceeds help to benefit out philanthropy, CASA. Which I especially love since I'm an advocate. We sold a record high of $6,920 in pansies and they're ready for pickup today! I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of planting in town this week! I also pushed a tshirt design that I'm sure will be going viral soon. Our actives (college gals) caught wind of the design and they purchased 77 in the first few days they became available! Our National HQ even wants them. Super excited about that too. I'm just really loving that I get to have my creative juices flowing by being more involved and receiving affirmation that I'm doing a good job is the cherry on top.

But the home of the hostess last night was A-mazing. Seriously. She's an interior designer and I loved her eye for detail. I wanted to snap so many pictures without seeming like a weirdo and that was impossible. Ha!

My photography class is tonight. It's also my last lesson for this particular class I'm taking. I start Basics II in October! My homework this week was to use a leading line technique and study depth in our images. Here's what I submitted:
If you haven't figured it out yet, this is the dining room. Did you note that the new ikat curtains are missing? I sent them back to the seamstress to add more length which is why you haven't seen a big reveal yet. Remember I teased you, HERE. Isn't Cooper just the cutest squirrel hunter ever? That's is favorite spot to watch for squirrels.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

on a roll

I continued my organizing campaign to a couple of closets last night. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN ONE OF THE GUEST ROOM CLOSETS BEFORE I GOT A HOLD OF IT! It was packed to the brim with Army crap. Everything from ACU pants to face paint. Embarrassing mess. Wish I had taken a pic of the before! I removed it all and stashed it ALL neatly inside the hall closet! I got EVERYTHING to fit in the hall closet minus Lee's new winter stuff he's required to wear when it gets colder in Afghanistan. He doesn't have much room so I'll ship it to him when he needs it. I sent Lee a pic because I knew only he could really appreciate what I did. This is a much smaller closet that the guest room closet but with everything folded and tucked away it looks like we have room for more! Don't tell Lee that.

Monday, September 24, 2012

wknd deets

My weekend deets don't include anything exciting but I did enjoy my lazy time. I planted some more flowers and organized our spices. Wait. That sounds lame but it needed to be done. The cabinet above our stove was an overcrowded mess. We had doubles of some and others that had expired. I don't think I'll be one to make custom labels for all my spice and coordinate all the bottles but I do want a few nice oil bottles with maybe a measurable oil dropper. I'd also like to get a couple of large salt and pepper shakers. Only for storage though, I have cooler ones on my counter. I'm going to head to Garden Ridge sometime this week to see if something there will fit the bill.  Not too exciting but nonetheless, I shot an iphone pic for you:
I talked to Lee Sunday morning. He tries his hardest to call daily even if it's just for 30 seconds but sometimes I'm lucky and we get to breathe between sentences. There's been a few "blackouts". That's what they call them. It's when the network shuts down and  communication back home goes black home for security reasons. You can imagine my anxiety when this happens.
Lee's stomach has been bothering him enough that he decided to see a doctor. He can't venture far from a bathroom if you know what I mean...The food must be hard to get used to I guess???
He received the antenna that Jake and Tay sent him so hopefully we can Skype as soon as he gets it mounted. Fingers crossed!
Ladies and gents...something big happened this past week. We're officially 1 month closer to Lee coming home. Wahoo!


2012 Emmy Awards

2012 Emmy Awards happened last night. Which means we all got to drool over fashion too! Except...I didn't seem much that was drool worthy. Personal opinion, don't hate. I actually had very few favorites this year. I'm only going to list my favs since my dislike list is far too long to even begin to mention.

For starters, Claire Danes is A-mazing. Incredibly talented and always well spoken in her acceptance speech-I love her. Do you watch Homeland? If not, you should. Big fan. I first became a fan of hers after after watching Brokedown Palace. I even brokedown the script to use it as a competition piece for a dramatic duet in high school. After her win last night, I sent a text to my buddy, Caroline, saying that I wish Claire Danes were my big sister. Ha! Danes was beautiful and glowing with her growing baby bump. Although, I wished she wouldn't have worn yellow!
I wish I had seen a classic  red lipstick on her too. This color is so hard for us blondes to wear. Although I love the color, I tend to shy away from it myself.

A color that I have a lot of in my closet is grey and I think this next dress was beautifully made. Emily Vancamp dazzled but still look comfortable. I love the textures of her dress and could  easily imagine myself selecting the same one to wear had I gone to the Emmy Awards...just wish it were in another color. Makes her look a bit washed out, no?
(J. Mendel)
And still, I would have worn a bolder shade of pink lips. Sorry ladies, I'm just not a fan of the barely there lips on the red carpet! Anyone else excited about Revenge season premiere?!

Next up is Edie Falco. I don't watch her show but thought she looked great last night. On the other hand, I guess I lied. I do prefer the barely there lips in the dress. A+ lip color on this one. I just can't get enough of this dress design and I guess no one else can either:
(Stella McCartney)

Look familiar? Prob because you've seen it before...wish we had seen something new but whatever.

There you have it. These were my top 3. Not saying much seeing how I had a lot of edits. My trophy goes to the makeup artists on this one. I liked a lot of the makeup and beautiful skin more than any of the dresses for the 2012 Emmy Awards. For every dress I seemed to wish it had been in a different color or something was missing, etc. Boooo.

Friday, September 21, 2012

mo's living room

I personalized a design board for my girlfran, Morgan.

Side note: I met Morgan during RUSH our freshmen year of college. She lived on my dorm floor too! We pledged the same house and even shared an apartment together sophomore year.

Fast forward to present day: Morgan's sweet model baby Maggie, is taking over the house with her cute toys and Morgan is too busy being super mom to make fluff pillows a priority. Mo only asked for rug options but I had fun putting together a lot more...

I kept her couches, curtains and leaning floor mirror. This particular TV stand was inserted because the color is similar to the one they already have. By rearranging the living room I was able to place a console behind the sofa opposite her kitchen to add storage options and lamps for more lighting. I placed a catchall silver bowl on the TV stand and a stack of Maggie's favorite children's books too. I framed the TV to add interest with matted family images or told her she can add something generic like framed botanical images from a calendar. The basket on the fireplace is for Maggie to store her toys. Next up, I'd like to talk Morgan into adding a chair and ottoman to the right of the fireplace. Cheers to being budget friendly with style that still feels like home. I think I'll be inviting myself over to her house soon to curl up with the snow leopard fur throw and quilted pillow from Pottery Barn!

fashion fall/winter 2012

One trend I'm going to pass up: Airbrushed Sweaters

Really, Givenchy? Ewe....You too, Balenciaga.
But if you like this sort of thing, I'm sure you can find them selling for lots and lots of mula.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

a teacher's classroom

My childhood buddy is teaching kindergarten at a new school this year! She accepted a position closer to the plot of land they bought to build their dream home so while the school is a bit of a commute now, it will be well worth the transition soon! 
Checkout her lively paint color choices and fun fabrics! Kimberly's mama made all of her curtains and pillows too! Looks like a fun space to learn letters to me:
This is her reading center. Complete with a "chicka chicka boom boom" tree. So I'm told...I'm still not exactly sure what that means. Nonetheess, it's cute! Her tree's base was made from a carpet roll she had donated from a local store.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

lunch @ ross

I have been hoarding this inspiration image for our living room:
Just seems very inviting, no? I especially think the kid chair tucked under the coffee table is perfection.
You know we don't have kids yet but our friends do! And they visit us too. Ha!
I saw a mini parsons styled arm chair for $30 at Ross and of course I had to get it. Those boogers are way more expensive elsewhere!
We like a little more modern glam with our eclectic style. This picture seems more eclectic traditional to me...I'll we'll be creating our own version of the above pic.
Score! Here's my chocolate brown tufted mini chair:

frg drama

This ^ is how millitary spouses often feel.
That being said, when I received an email this morning to our entire FRG group from "member 2" responding to an email that was distributed yesterday by "member 1"...I was horrified that we would treat one of our own that way.
In a nutshell, Member 1 solicited our FRG group  for donations to a nonprofit sponsor a soldier program she started and Member 2 responded by blasting her via email attacking the poor lady with policy amendments and quoting the frick'n handbook.  She even insinuated that Member 1 was out for personal gain and seemed to question her motives. Sheesh.
The response was very tacky and poorly handled. Pretty sure I'm the new kid on the block here but I would think the FRG should create an atmosphere that does not alienate spouses. Although I am 100% behind the policy, families are capable of making their own financial decisions when items are being solicited and do not need to be reprimanded in front of EVERYONE.  AND furthermore, this could all have been avoided if proper security measures had been provided by our FRG leader to prevent everyone’s email addresses being forwarded to one another when she sends a mass email.  It’s called BCC. It’s not that hard…
I now see how this is all very political and my reluctance to get involved was just solidified.  The whole situation is so sad it's comical. I should start my own FRG. I'm too chill for the one I'm assigned! My FRG would meet at ice cream parlors and Mexican restaurants for queso and margaritas.
Enough of the petty crap, let's celebrate this brave young girl!
7 year old fought off a man to keep him from abducting her 4 year old cousin:

Monday, September 17, 2012

granite & knobs

I had the opportunity to tour a good friend's house that's being built and scope out the progress while I was with my parent's this past weekend. (Inside Scoop: This sweet friend and her mama helped host our wedding shower years ago!) I'm normally not a granite fan but the veining in their counter tops throughout the house was a complete showstopper. For realz. I only had my phone with me but at least you get some sort of pic, ignore the glare:
AND us southern gals like our bling so it was no surprise that I found some in the master bathroom!
I CANNOT wait to see every room furnished with decor! They're just about ready to move in their new place too. Exciting!

weekend deets

This past weekend I went south to see my family. Grandma must want me to visit more often because she made my favorite home cooked meal! Yummm:
Chicken Fried Steak
White Gravy
Mashed Taters
Mac & Cheese (NOT FROM A BOX)
Chocolate Sheath Cake
Pop was feeding the horses when we got there. My little cousin's toy horse is precious, no? Everyone, meet Molly. Mine was named Molly too! But I think my legs were as long as Molly's legs when I was little!
Earlier that day Dad and I had been in town supporting Mom at one of her events she helps coordinate for the city. It was a fun festival and I got to spend lots of time prowling antique stores downtown. Scored an awesome lucite and glass mirrored tray for 9 beans! Woohoo! This awesomeness is resting on our dining room table for now.
Notice that fabulous ikat fabric in the reflection? Yep. THESE curtains were finally finished and we were able to pick them up from the seamstress. Actually, mom picked them up for me so I could drool over them as soon as I got to the house. Big reveal soon!

I talked to Lee for a couple of minutes. No really. It was only a couple minutes before the connection dropped. He's super busy and learning a ton. I sent him a pic via email of all the food Grandma had cooked for me and Grandma scolded me. She even used my middle name when I told her what I was doing.  Ha! I could hear the sarcasm reading Lee's response when he told me he would send me a picture of his food!

Our sweet friends, Taylor and Jacob, mailed Lee some kind of crazy antenna that only Lee and Jacob would construe with those engineer brains of theirs. Hopefully this antenna will improve his internet connection tremendously so we can Skype! He's able to check his email periodically when he's near the office but I need to see his face in real time, ya know? Like yesterday. Incredibly blessed to have such great friends...genius ones too!

Friday, September 14, 2012

impulse purchase

It's perfectly normal to clear out a seasonal inventory of flags, right? Ha!
I stopped by CVS to get a folder the other night and they had all their flags 75% off so I scooped up every flag package they had! I plan to line the entrance of our neighborhood with flags all the way into our cul-de-sac and into our driveway when Lee comes home. ALSO, I plan to buy a large drop cloth and paint something like this to hang over our garage:
I'm a big planner so it should be no surprise that I'm planning Lee's Homecoming...waaaaay in advance.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

for fall

New color!
It's a pretty chocolate color with a bit of shimmer. Like a chocolate donut with sprinkles, right?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I feel so out of the loop in blog world since I'm at a trade show all this week!

I did venture out to TJ's on break Monday...and bought a full/queen size RL comforter. Regularly $500 and on super-dupa sale-I could not say no because it was beautiful and just the eclectic vibe I want to continue in our home. I'm not committed to the idea but I don't think I'm going to take it out of the bag until we move. (After Lee get backs.) I must be crazy. These are pix I found on the web.

This booger is such good quality and has an awesome nice denim look on the opposite side and a great braided piping along the edges. I like the idea of finding these things for our next home. My most favorite room designs are those that are of a collected look of all things you love.  

The 2 guestrooms we have now are pretty much staged to sale minus a few minor details I want to add and of course use long term. But how stink'n awesome would my new comforter be if I replaced the shabby chic look that is currently in the pink room? Navy on pink. Yes please!
...But no way. Staying in the bag.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

near & far

I uploaded my photography homework last night for my class tomorrow evening. I give you (drum roll, please) my "near and far" assignment:

Notice the focus difference? You're impressed. I know it. Ha!
Come on, y'all! I'm learning fun stuff!

Monday, September 10, 2012

weekend deets

Did I mention that I'm 1/8 cowgirl? Yes, it's true.
My family has livestock and the whole 9 yards. I grew up running barefoot in the hay meadows and winning calf scrambles at rodeos! Most of you prob have no idea what a calf scramble is, huh? Ha!

Calf Scramble: A break in between events for kids to join other kids in the arena. A calf is let loose with a ribbon tied to its tail. First kid to remove the ribbon from the calf gets a prize. Prize is usually money.

My cousins and I would pout if one of us didn't get the ribbon so my grandpa would tie a ribbon to his own calf and let it loose in his arena when we would get home from the rodeo. Def one of my fav memories. 

However, nowadays I would much rather have heels under my toes and be close to a large mall....but that doesn't mean my boots are ever far away. To explain that I'm not completely random by talking cows, I was reminded of these sweet memories after seeing a pic from this past weekend of the smallest cowgirl in our family on mom's horse.

If you know me, you know that I could eat Mexican food 7 days a week. I was excited that Kristin and Kimberly were up for a girl's night fiesta Friday night. We had a good time full of laughs and salsa.
A bunch of us went over to Taylor and Jacob's house to watch the OU game. Taylor had heard about a somewhat newish place that is doing themed tailgating menus for the games this season. How cool is that?! We played Florida A&M so this was our menu:
Alligator sausage
Spicy chicken wings
Crab and artichoke dip
Oyster po'boys
Pecan pralines

Eventually this new rug will be under a porch swing on the front porch but here it is for now. Still trying to decide how I'm going to decorate this area for fall so ignore the lonely scarecrow.
The runner came for the bathroom too. Here's a quick phone pic:
The lawn guys pulled the wrong dead plant! No worries because that one needed pulling too but I wanted another beast pulled so I could plant the remaining plants from last weekend's haul in its place! I must have looked pretty pitiful in the front yard trying to remove it myself because my sweet neighbor volunteered her husband to remove it for me. Awesome!
I hadn't talked to Lee (other than email) since the last time I told you until this morning! He called me during my drive to work this morning. You can only imagine how good it feels to hear his voice.
He was telling me that he built stilts for his bed to raise it up to create more room for personal space. He says he lives in a "tin can" and there is no spare room other than what's provided for beds so he had the idea to lift his bed! He said it's the height of a bunk bed now and he's able to store a microwave and mini fridge under his bed. Now he wants to get a beanbag or something to have another spot to read. He said he has a metal chair under there now but that's not very comfty so he tries to read in bed but just drifts to sleep when he does that. He's still working 16 hr days so I'm not sure how he squeezed in stilt time!

Friday, September 7, 2012

moth me happy

Mailed another package to Afghanistan at lunch today. Tried retail therapy afterward to cheer me up since I couldn't fit myself in the box to send with but I didn't feel like making it to the register with anything. I must be sick, right???

BUT...Eh Mer Gerd.
Laurel over at Abode Love posted some fabulous moth art that she painted herself.
Making a design board around the moths perked me up right up. Who knew moths could be so pretty?!

Busy weekend for me. Have a great weekend, y'all!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

last night rewind

My first night of photography class was a success.  I know there is a lot left to learn but I already feel like I have learned so much! There's only 10 or 11 peeps in the class so our instructor can go around the room and show us different settings on each of our cameras as we move along since not everyone has the same camera. Last night we went over metering, focus and frame, ISO, aperture and more. I even have a homework assignment! Fingers crossed I shoot this magic one day:
After class when my favorite redhead Kristin and I went to leave she told me she had something for me. She's letting me borrow a book she finished and loved. I've been wanting to read it ever since she told me about how good it was so I'm excited to borrow it.
THEN she gave me the sweetest gift. Her mom had knitted me a prayer shawl and I was blown away. Honestly, I didn't even know what a prayer shawl was when she gave it to me but I couldn't help but pet it-it's soooo soft! Kristin explained that her mom made it special for me and that it's to remind me that her family continues to pray for Lee and I both during this deployment and especially for his safety and my strength. I barely know Kristin's sweet mama as I've only met her once but to know that someone cares about Lee's well being and hasn't even met him-means the world to me and moved me beyond words. Agh! Makes me cry just typing this. I'm such a weenie.
I rocked the shawl around the house last night in my pj's and wrapped myself up in it as I watched TV.
I googled prayer shawls this morning and this is what I found:
They wrap, enfold, comfort, cover, give solace,
mother, hug, shelter and beautify.
Those who have received these shawls have been 
uplifted and affirmed, as if given wings to 
fly above their troubles..."
I'm not sure what happened to my picture I took last night from my phone. I'll take one on my fancy camera for ya soon.

I didn't get a call from Lee last night but I guess he sent me this msg after breakfast. Very iimportant information:
Ha! Now I need to figure out what the heck "hard" ordered eggs mean!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

golly gosh guys

Gosh guys. I have such a hard time not tuning into what's going on in the news. I like to be "in the know" if you know what I mean. Especially since we have a big election nearing way!!!
BUT I just can't.
Headliners suck me in when it has anything to do about our troops and it never seems to be good news. Bad news brings in more dough I guess.
I just got lured into one video report on and couldn't finish it. I exited the screen fast and pouted all the way to the bathroom before anyone in my office caught wind of my weak moment.

180 to clear the mind. Let's shop.

I just confirmed the open bar for my company's golf tournament I'm coordinating. You know, THIS one.

And now instead of heading to lunch I'm pondering these pretty babies. I think they would be dynamite on my feet with skirts for work when it gets colder.


Tonight is night 1 of my photography class! I'm pumped and excited that my friend Kristin is taking it with me too! I really want to learn the logistics of my SLR so I can take sweet pictures like all the time.
I have a Nikon D90 and use it for big occasions but rarely grab it when I'm on the go. I usually grab my pocket-size Nikon or when I'm really lazy just use my iphone. I usually do the really lazy route.
As much as I've tried to absorb the information in the Nikon books my bff Tay has lent me in the past, it comes to no surprise that I need want to take a class to do the show me how it's done approach.
O boy! I'm excited and it feels good to be excited about something!!!