Tuesday, September 25, 2012

on a roll

I continued my organizing campaign to a couple of closets last night. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN ONE OF THE GUEST ROOM CLOSETS BEFORE I GOT A HOLD OF IT! It was packed to the brim with Army crap. Everything from ACU pants to face paint. Embarrassing mess. Wish I had taken a pic of the before! I removed it all and stashed it ALL neatly inside the hall closet! I got EVERYTHING to fit in the hall closet minus Lee's new winter stuff he's required to wear when it gets colder in Afghanistan. He doesn't have much room so I'll ship it to him when he needs it. I sent Lee a pic because I knew only he could really appreciate what I did. This is a much smaller closet that the guest room closet but with everything folded and tucked away it looks like we have room for more! Don't tell Lee that.

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