Friday, September 21, 2012

mo's living room

I personalized a design board for my girlfran, Morgan.

Side note: I met Morgan during RUSH our freshmen year of college. She lived on my dorm floor too! We pledged the same house and even shared an apartment together sophomore year.

Fast forward to present day: Morgan's sweet model baby Maggie, is taking over the house with her cute toys and Morgan is too busy being super mom to make fluff pillows a priority. Mo only asked for rug options but I had fun putting together a lot more...

I kept her couches, curtains and leaning floor mirror. This particular TV stand was inserted because the color is similar to the one they already have. By rearranging the living room I was able to place a console behind the sofa opposite her kitchen to add storage options and lamps for more lighting. I placed a catchall silver bowl on the TV stand and a stack of Maggie's favorite children's books too. I framed the TV to add interest with matted family images or told her she can add something generic like framed botanical images from a calendar. The basket on the fireplace is for Maggie to store her toys. Next up, I'd like to talk Morgan into adding a chair and ottoman to the right of the fireplace. Cheers to being budget friendly with style that still feels like home. I think I'll be inviting myself over to her house soon to curl up with the snow leopard fur throw and quilted pillow from Pottery Barn!

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Morgan said...

you're the !!