Wednesday, September 26, 2012

last night

I had an alum meeting for my sorority. I'm VP this year and really loving being more involved. Last night we announced so many exciting things. One of which has to do with our annual pansy sale. Proceeds help to benefit out philanthropy, CASA. Which I especially love since I'm an advocate. We sold a record high of $6,920 in pansies and they're ready for pickup today! I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of planting in town this week! I also pushed a tshirt design that I'm sure will be going viral soon. Our actives (college gals) caught wind of the design and they purchased 77 in the first few days they became available! Our National HQ even wants them. Super excited about that too. I'm just really loving that I get to have my creative juices flowing by being more involved and receiving affirmation that I'm doing a good job is the cherry on top.

But the home of the hostess last night was A-mazing. Seriously. She's an interior designer and I loved her eye for detail. I wanted to snap so many pictures without seeming like a weirdo and that was impossible. Ha!

My photography class is tonight. It's also my last lesson for this particular class I'm taking. I start Basics II in October! My homework this week was to use a leading line technique and study depth in our images. Here's what I submitted:
If you haven't figured it out yet, this is the dining room. Did you note that the new ikat curtains are missing? I sent them back to the seamstress to add more length which is why you haven't seen a big reveal yet. Remember I teased you, HERE. Isn't Cooper just the cutest squirrel hunter ever? That's is favorite spot to watch for squirrels.

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