Wednesday, September 19, 2012

frg drama

This ^ is how millitary spouses often feel.
That being said, when I received an email this morning to our entire FRG group from "member 2" responding to an email that was distributed yesterday by "member 1"...I was horrified that we would treat one of our own that way.
In a nutshell, Member 1 solicited our FRG group  for donations to a nonprofit sponsor a soldier program she started and Member 2 responded by blasting her via email attacking the poor lady with policy amendments and quoting the frick'n handbook.  She even insinuated that Member 1 was out for personal gain and seemed to question her motives. Sheesh.
The response was very tacky and poorly handled. Pretty sure I'm the new kid on the block here but I would think the FRG should create an atmosphere that does not alienate spouses. Although I am 100% behind the policy, families are capable of making their own financial decisions when items are being solicited and do not need to be reprimanded in front of EVERYONE.  AND furthermore, this could all have been avoided if proper security measures had been provided by our FRG leader to prevent everyone’s email addresses being forwarded to one another when she sends a mass email.  It’s called BCC. It’s not that hard…
I now see how this is all very political and my reluctance to get involved was just solidified.  The whole situation is so sad it's comical. I should start my own FRG. I'm too chill for the one I'm assigned! My FRG would meet at ice cream parlors and Mexican restaurants for queso and margaritas.
Enough of the petty crap, let's celebrate this brave young girl!
7 year old fought off a man to keep him from abducting her 4 year old cousin:

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