Thursday, March 28, 2013

sipp'n on hot tea

...on gin and juice hot tea. Laid back. With my mind on my money and my money on my mind.
I bring you a little Snoop for your day! Taking it back...way back:

 I'm all about an award system and I totally take advantage of it when good things happen. Raise at work = a treat for me.
I've been loving decaf hot tea at night since I'm trying not to indulge myself in so much caffeine. I've found that the hot tea is the perfect little "snack" too.  I was at a meeting the other night and hot tea was offered to me and of course I obliged but I was more so fascinated with their tea kettle. Much more fun than my pot on the stove or microwave warm up. So...I got one of my own and I think mine is way cuter;)
I got THIS 3 qt size so I can make plenty of tea so come on over for a tea party! I got ours from Neiman because I found a free shipping promo code and it was tax free since there's not one in Oklahoma. Score! So excited to get this baby in the mail!
Remember, our kitchen is white but the breakfast nook is painted BM's jalapeno pepper green? This is going to be such a stink'n cute accent!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

good day & bev dispensers

I remember listening to Paul Harvey in the car with my dad on the way to school every morning. I would mock his "Good Day" at the end every.single.time with a smirk thinking I was too cool. This post isn't about Paul Harvey but I think of those silly adolescent moments riding to school with my dad when I hear about someone having a good day. Random, I know.
Can you believe it, y'all? Today makes 300 days since Lee reported for duty for this dang deployment. I just want to take a moment and scream at the top of my lungs. Do you think my office mate would mind?

I shared with you the possibility of Lee coming home for Nana's funeral HERE yesterday but I didn't share what went through my mind in those 2 hours before I heard that his leave wasn't approved for the funeral.

I went 90 to nothing making calls and following procedure to get Lee home as soon as I received the call about Nana and after I talked to Lee. I took no time to process anything. It wasn't until Lee called to tell me about his denied leave and then me calling his momma to let her know Lee wouldn't be coming home for the funeral so she could proceed with setting a date for the service the next morning that I began to process what could have happened.

In those 2 hours I tidied up like a crazy person around the house. In my heart I was preparing for my hubby's welcome home the best way I could considering the circumstances. His mom and I had just made18 large red, white and blue bows made for mailboxes over the wknd and I had 92 American flags on standby in the closet to line our cul-de-sac for when he returned home but not everything always happens according to plan. And I was perfectly OK with that but I was nervous. I was excited. I was panic stricken to get everything and myself perfect. I had a heavy heart for Lee not being able to see Nana one last time like I did. I was anxious as all get out. Will he like what I have done to the house while he has been gone? Will he still be attracted to me? Will we still have that undeniable chemistry? Do I have time to run to the grocery store and stock up on his favorite foods? Which airport will he need to be picked up?! So many thoughts were going through my head a mile a minute.

When it was all said and done. When the verdict was in that he wasn't coming. With a little perspiration from running the vacuum cleaner, dusting, Windex'ing windows, sweeping the kitchen, folding laundry, making phone calls, etc in a 2 hr span...I finally just sat and stared at the wall in our bedroom after finishing my last call for the night with Lee. Then I did what any girl would do. I called my momma and daddy and cried. I cried for everything and everyone. And it felt good.

I can only imagine the emotion for Lee's actual Homecoming. Ha! I'm sure it will be much of the same but less so since I've been planning and preparing for months. I think that may have been a lot of my anxiety since I worry so much about making everything perfect and you could say last week totally threw me for a loop.

AND in preparation for his big homecoming party-I scored two stools on clearance at Hobby Lobby for a couple beverage dispensers I got for $20 each at Garden Ridge. Love them. I had been checking out a couple at Pottery Barn but strongly prefer the prices I scored yesterday for both much better.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

red cross, army woes & baby

I had to take a break from blogging last week. I drove to Lee's hometown Patty's Day wknd for a visit with Lee's Nana. It was hard to turn and make my trek when it was time to head back home Sunday afternoon because I knew I was saying goodbye to Nana. That evening after I got back home I received a call that Lee's Nana passed away. It was an incredibly busy week.

The next morning, last Monday a couple of our best friend's welcomed baby #2.
Blake is so gosh darn cute. Gotta love those cheeks.
10 lbs 6 oz, 22 inches
I got them a basket of goodies to munch on while in the hospital. You can see the giant balloon in the background. Of course I took balloons. I heart balloons. I took Monday to celebrate Blake before driving back 3.5 hours to Lee's hometown on Tuesday to celebrate Nana's 95 years of life. Nana had a rich and wonderful life, her sweet heart just wore out. Taylor and Jacob stopped by the hospital to celebrate Blake too.
This is Blake not happy with my picture taking.
I got to Lee's family Tuesday afternoon. Much was said and done last week. I wish Lee could have been part of it all too. I tried. After telling Lee about Nana's passing, at Lee's request I sent a message through Red Cross to get an official message into Command to see if Lee could make it to the funeral because he and Nana were incredibly close but my request was denied. Apparently there had been 3 others requesting funeral leave recently within the unit and had been denied. You can't approve for one and not the others. Totally understandable but still sucked. However, my experience with Red Cross was better than I had expected it to be.
In the military, if there is an emergency and you need to get a message to your deployed loved one-you send a message through Red Cross. I had feared having a moment like this. I had prepared for a moment like this. I even made a note for myself on the refrigerator in case of emergency. Still, I googled "Red Cross Military Emergency" and easily accessed THIS page to get their number. I called the number and gave Red Cross my message. They asked for Lee's information and then said they needed to contact hospice to confirm Nana's death. After I called Lee's mom and got the contact information for Hospice, I called Red Cross back with the information they needed to complete my message. They said they would be calling Hospice and Lee's mom to confirm his permission to attend the funeral. I thought that was odd and even said so out loud but nothing much surprises me anymore with the military. Nonetheless, my Red Cross experience was pain free. Not much of a hold waiting to speak to a representative either. I think I found that most impressive. Also, the 3 individuals I spoke to were nothing but nice and understanding. I was told the message would be delivered within 48-72 hours but only 2 hours later I got a call from Lee with his answer from Command. Boo. Red Cross called me the next day to confirm my message had been delivered accordingly. Again, I was very impressed.

I was able to take off work all week so I spent much of the time with Lee's family helping out where I could. The week flew by and before I knew it, Monday was here again. I had a lot to catch up and do yesterday. I'm still wishing it were the weekend but who isn't, right?

This was the 6th funeral for Lee to miss attending with me since preparing for this deployment. That convo can be for a whole other blog post.
My Grandad
My sweet Uncle John
Great Uncle Ivan
Kenneth (Family Friend)
Dana (SIL's sister)

...another military spouse experience in our book of fairy tales.

Friday, March 15, 2013


I have been obsessing over this fabric I saw on Peppermint Bliss. I tried to buy it but it's discontinued. I found out she got hers by having a craftsman recreate it! What what? That's awesome. She used Paule Marrot's tulip fabric for inspiration.

I have some white curtains in hiding and I'm tossing around the idea of painting them to make my own look-alike but fear they may look more bogus in a bad way. Ha! I had a tulip print bedroom in almost the exact same pattern when I was a little girl. Same color palette too. Complete with a tulip painted wall border, sunshine yellow bed and tulip comforter. I'll search for a pic the next time I'm at my parent's home.

Hmmmm...possible project next weekend if I don't find something I like soon. This weekend  Coop and I are visiting Lee's Nana and momma. Have a great weekend, y'all!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

war rug design board

SuPeR exciting things ahead in Erin land. I had my 2nd meeting yesterday with a smart fella to take my career dreams to the next level. I'm not wanting to share too much too soon quite yet but do know that I'm excited!
Meanwhile back at the ranch...I'm anticipating a big box from Lee. He told me he has pretty much shipped everything home from his box of a room in Afghanistan. He only has the necessities to get him home now. He's not headed home right this minute but there's a transition phase before you leave as new Soldiers arrive and he doesn't want to haul around extra crap if he doesn't have to, ya know? In that box he's shipped home is an authentic rug from Afghanistan. I'm stoked. He's getting another one too that's called a War Rug. The War Rugs are more of a touristy type thing because they tell a story whereas the other is known to be a work of art. Either way-I'm pumped to be getting them. I've pieced together a possible design for our next home below that includes an example of a War Rug. 
This office will also include a parson style desk and my ghost chair to house my sewing machine. I like this diamond grass cloth version in my board below so much. Like a lot. The campaign piece will store all my sewing and crafting accessories. The gallery above the desk will be an entire wall of degrees, certificates and awards...sprinkled with lots of Army recognition. I like the idea of having a hollow glass lamp base to store all my buttons. Yes, I collect all those extra buttons that come with a new shirt, jacket, etc. You never know when you might need one! I ALWAYS do. AND take note of that black leather shade. Will be purchasing it soon. Enough said.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The armoire was delivered yesterday afternoon. Yay! I love the stain against the pale pink. It won't be there forever but it works for now in this house. I need to hang a few things and then I will actually be done in this room...I still want to add mirrors to the cabinet doors.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

for the birds

Get excited, I took some pictures with not very good lighting! Ha! Remember yesterday when I told you I couldn't get the power to work on one side of the wall? I wasn't kidding. BUT at least you get a peek at something, right?
The cornice board update and new framed pelican: (You can see my make-do lamp in the reflection!)
Here are my new swans. I haven't decided what else I'm going to hang with the empty frames but the room already feels better with something large hanging over the bed. I still have alot of do in this room.
I must love birds:/

Monday, March 11, 2013

wknd craigslist score

I got back from my work trip late Thursday night so I spent Friday at leisure since Friday was meant to be a travel day.
I had a hair appointment and then met up with my family for dinner. My mom, aunt and family friend Marie had driven up to select light fixtures, etc. My aunt was able to select her ceiling fans, hall and bathroom lights and even her granite countertops for the house they're building.
Mom found a couple light fixtures for her and dad's kitchen too. Mom and dad had their countertops and back splash replaced last week. Of course this update gave mom an itch to paint the connected dining room also!

On Saturday I went to a huge antique mall about 45 mins from our house. I had seen an armoire on Craigslist the night before and I wanted to check it out in person. I also wanted to see if it was still there since the posting was published in February. I had been looking for a French Provincial one for awhile but everyone I found was 1200-4500+ beans online. 
No way, Jose.
Sorry, Charlie.
I didn't like those prices. But 400 beans I can do. So I did. She should be delivered tomorrow. Woot Woot! Please ignore the giant birds styled on top.
 I plan to replace the glass windows with mirrored doors for a guest bedroom armoire. So excited about this piece.

I then darted to our buddies house to see Jacob and Taylor's newly furnished bedroom after their install. Not only that but they just finished laying hardwood throughout the house, updating their baseboards and painting all the trim white! Busy peeps, eh?! Their new bedroom is gorgeous. New bed, bedding, night stands, decor, armoire, chair and more. I'll get over there and take a pic when their curtains are hung. We all had been so busy to take a lunch so we took a belated one together. Jake munched on mine and Tay's leftovers while us girls finished our margaritas. All that running around must have worn me out because I went home and took a 3 hour nap. Great day!

I got the pelmet board in our bathroom updated yesterday like I said I would! BUT no pic unless you want one by lamp light. For some reason the overhead light in the bathroom and shower won't come on but the power on the opposite wall works. Just not one side of the bathroom. No light switch. No power outlet on one side. No bueno. I've checked the breaker box too. So until I have my engineer back to fix it...I have a lamp in our master bathroom to use if I must. Dumb.
The rest of my day was spent trashing trash. I went through so many drawers and storage baskets. I threw away a ton of stuff that I've held onto for sentiment reasons or just cause reasons. Funny how things that once seemed important to save no longer feel so.

Tons going on right now with work+.
Lee's 95 year old Nana has had a very sudden change of course. Hospice has even begun visitation at the house. Lee and Nana have always been very close. It was very important to Lee that he spend a lot of time with Nana before he deployed last summer. We've talked and he's at peace with everything but it's still gotta be hard for him to not be home. I'm going to help his mom and see Nana this weekend. Maybe Cooper can spread some cheer:)
Lots of branches are now hitting our roof after a sudden growth spurt and the wind that we've had. Time for a good spring cleaning! Lawn care should take care of cleaning out the gutters, flower beds, and trimming branches on Friday. Hopefully things start warming up soon after because I want to start planting flowers and getting ready for Lee's return home. Lots of worked outside to do but for me that's something to look forward to doing!

Friday, March 8, 2013

kitchen stuff

Completely random. I stopped by Garden Ridge on a break and got a couple of cupcake trees while there. They had a larger one that held 48 cupcakes but I like the idea of having a couple smaller trees and using a cake stand, etc to create different heights for the dessert table. I thought these would be fun for Lee's big Homecoming Partaaaaay.
O and I got some cute bear face chip clips. Just cause, y'all. Just cause they're cute!
I'm doing these mini pies from my friend's sweet shop and serving homemade ice cream. Sounds pretty perfect for a home-sweet-home welcoming party to me! Doesn't get anymore American than that, right? I'm doing the pies in cherry and apple strudel.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

fabric update

Charmaine! I bought THIS blue velvet fabric, thanks for the push;)
I don't have any specific plans for it yet so I didn't know how much to get so I got all that was left. It was about 4.5 yrds on clearance. I think it would make a gorgeous tuft headboard or an amazing settee redo.

Here's the new fabric I got to redo the pelmet board in our master bath. I'm going to attempt the update this wknd.
 I picked up some beautiful emerald silk-like napkins at Pier 1 the other day. On clearance too! Kinda funny story. I took off work early to head home because we were supposed to have a huge blizzard hit around noon and I wanted to get home before it did but not without ordering Mexican food to keep me company. I stepped into Pier 1 before going to pick up my call-in order. We didn't get the blizzard but that was A.O.K with me.
I picked up some eyelet napkins too. I like the layer look. I have no intention of using these right now because they don't match anything...yet. I just couldn't resist the combo. Or the bunny ear burlap napkin rings. Don't you think Easter stuff is just the cutest?! This pic doesn't do the color justice. I'm just really loving anything with a jewel tone right now.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

antique finds

I kid you not. I nearly jumped out of my shoes when I saw this milk glass pendulum scale. It's dirty and needs a wipe down and the brass needs to be shined big time but I'm obsessed.
I didn't realize I had an eagle theme to the things I was taking to the register one at a time until I got to the counter to pay out. I laughed outloud when the lady behind the register pointed my theme out to me.

$20 (I found the exact same one via Google on some auctioneer website that estimated it's worth between $300-400! Crazy random! They say, "
Made by the famous furniture company Tell City Furniture in Iowa, in business since 1880, this large and gorgeous mirror is 21” wide and 40” long. It's from the mid-1970s.")
Oooooo seeing my baby in the mirror makes me miss him. Meh. I can't wait to get back home. I'm such a homebody these days. I'm not loving my job when it requires traveling overnight anymore. Lee made it easier for me by taking care of things when I'm away. I miss sharing tasks. Especially the little things, like going to the grocery store.
I'm not sure what I'll do with the mirror but I liked the shape and brass detail. I may sand and stain it or spray it a fun color. I  don't know yet. I'm not crazy about the painted detail that's on it now.
Next door I found a couple of other things. Nothing wild but def sweet. I have no plans for them right now but I couldn't pass them up.

$3.50 (How cute would this be in a little boy's room!?)
$1 (I love the little dot detail and you can't tell against our red rug but the lace is a very pale pink.)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

weekend deets +

I have missed you! I have gone off the grid this week but I'm back! Kinda. I'm actually traveling this week for work. I have so much to jabber about but here's a little bit for now...only because I'm a sleepy girl and I have a very early day tomorrow. I just came back from tonight's reception before the big expo tomorrow. Where I'm at right now is more of a boots and jeans atmosphere for reception attire but you know I did denim and heels. It'll be a slacks and blazer kinda day tomorrow but here's a quick pic I took before heading out the door of my hotel room.
There was a band at the event tonight. I think the guy on the far right looks like he should be on that duck show everyone is talking about around here. The band was actually really good too. They did country. Shocker?
One of my best gal's baby boy turned 3 and his Mickey party was last weekend! Isn't his cake precious?
Tay and I had fun wearing Mickey ears at the party.
Kristie has one busy month with checking Kaden's birthday party off her list and preparing for his little brother's arrival in 2 weeks! Yay! Kristie and Nikc got Kaden the coolest power wheel jeep for his birthday. That thing goes fast!
I got some great antiques on my way to the party. Ha! I couldn't resist. There's 1+1 great places near their house! I'll share my finds tomorrow!
Sweet dreams:)

Friday, March 1, 2013

blue sofa

I'm really craving a blue sofa. I have been since seeing this picture. The dogs may have made me love it more but nonetheless, I love the blue.
I remember seeing it on a furniture store's website months and months ago but I don't remember where. Lee would be opposed to the high arms on this anyway. Our current sofas (we have 2 instead of a couch + love seat) have high arms and he can't stand them. He says there bad for conversation when we have company. Good point but I still like them for now. Funny how your needs evolve when you get old. Ha!
Then I came across this room of Anne Maxwell. Checkout her amazing home HERE. Swoon.
 I saw some blue velvet fabric at Joann's the other day on clearance and was X close to buying it but I didn't. I've been thinking about it ever since and plan to swing by there after work to snag it all if it's still there. Surely I'll have a future project that will need it!