Thursday, March 14, 2013

war rug design board

SuPeR exciting things ahead in Erin land. I had my 2nd meeting yesterday with a smart fella to take my career dreams to the next level. I'm not wanting to share too much too soon quite yet but do know that I'm excited!
Meanwhile back at the ranch...I'm anticipating a big box from Lee. He told me he has pretty much shipped everything home from his box of a room in Afghanistan. He only has the necessities to get him home now. He's not headed home right this minute but there's a transition phase before you leave as new Soldiers arrive and he doesn't want to haul around extra crap if he doesn't have to, ya know? In that box he's shipped home is an authentic rug from Afghanistan. I'm stoked. He's getting another one too that's called a War Rug. The War Rugs are more of a touristy type thing because they tell a story whereas the other is known to be a work of art. Either way-I'm pumped to be getting them. I've pieced together a possible design for our next home below that includes an example of a War Rug. 
This office will also include a parson style desk and my ghost chair to house my sewing machine. I like this diamond grass cloth version in my board below so much. Like a lot. The campaign piece will store all my sewing and crafting accessories. The gallery above the desk will be an entire wall of degrees, certificates and awards...sprinkled with lots of Army recognition. I like the idea of having a hollow glass lamp base to store all my buttons. Yes, I collect all those extra buttons that come with a new shirt, jacket, etc. You never know when you might need one! I ALWAYS do. AND take note of that black leather shade. Will be purchasing it soon. Enough said.

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