Tuesday, March 5, 2013

weekend deets +

I have missed you! I have gone off the grid this week but I'm back! Kinda. I'm actually traveling this week for work. I have so much to jabber about but here's a little bit for now...only because I'm a sleepy girl and I have a very early day tomorrow. I just came back from tonight's reception before the big expo tomorrow. Where I'm at right now is more of a boots and jeans atmosphere for reception attire but you know I did denim and heels. It'll be a slacks and blazer kinda day tomorrow but here's a quick pic I took before heading out the door of my hotel room.
There was a band at the event tonight. I think the guy on the far right looks like he should be on that duck show everyone is talking about around here. The band was actually really good too. They did country. Shocker?
One of my best gal's baby boy turned 3 and his Mickey party was last weekend! Isn't his cake precious?
Tay and I had fun wearing Mickey ears at the party.
Kristie has one busy month with checking Kaden's birthday party off her list and preparing for his little brother's arrival in 2 weeks! Yay! Kristie and Nikc got Kaden the coolest power wheel jeep for his birthday. That thing goes fast!
I got some great antiques on my way to the party. Ha! I couldn't resist. There's 1+1 great places near their house! I'll share my finds tomorrow!
Sweet dreams:)

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