Monday, March 11, 2013

wknd craigslist score

I got back from my work trip late Thursday night so I spent Friday at leisure since Friday was meant to be a travel day.
I had a hair appointment and then met up with my family for dinner. My mom, aunt and family friend Marie had driven up to select light fixtures, etc. My aunt was able to select her ceiling fans, hall and bathroom lights and even her granite countertops for the house they're building.
Mom found a couple light fixtures for her and dad's kitchen too. Mom and dad had their countertops and back splash replaced last week. Of course this update gave mom an itch to paint the connected dining room also!

On Saturday I went to a huge antique mall about 45 mins from our house. I had seen an armoire on Craigslist the night before and I wanted to check it out in person. I also wanted to see if it was still there since the posting was published in February. I had been looking for a French Provincial one for awhile but everyone I found was 1200-4500+ beans online. 
No way, Jose.
Sorry, Charlie.
I didn't like those prices. But 400 beans I can do. So I did. She should be delivered tomorrow. Woot Woot! Please ignore the giant birds styled on top.
 I plan to replace the glass windows with mirrored doors for a guest bedroom armoire. So excited about this piece.

I then darted to our buddies house to see Jacob and Taylor's newly furnished bedroom after their install. Not only that but they just finished laying hardwood throughout the house, updating their baseboards and painting all the trim white! Busy peeps, eh?! Their new bedroom is gorgeous. New bed, bedding, night stands, decor, armoire, chair and more. I'll get over there and take a pic when their curtains are hung. We all had been so busy to take a lunch so we took a belated one together. Jake munched on mine and Tay's leftovers while us girls finished our margaritas. All that running around must have worn me out because I went home and took a 3 hour nap. Great day!

I got the pelmet board in our bathroom updated yesterday like I said I would! BUT no pic unless you want one by lamp light. For some reason the overhead light in the bathroom and shower won't come on but the power on the opposite wall works. Just not one side of the bathroom. No light switch. No power outlet on one side. No bueno. I've checked the breaker box too. So until I have my engineer back to fix it...I have a lamp in our master bathroom to use if I must. Dumb.
The rest of my day was spent trashing trash. I went through so many drawers and storage baskets. I threw away a ton of stuff that I've held onto for sentiment reasons or just cause reasons. Funny how things that once seemed important to save no longer feel so.

Tons going on right now with work+.
Lee's 95 year old Nana has had a very sudden change of course. Hospice has even begun visitation at the house. Lee and Nana have always been very close. It was very important to Lee that he spend a lot of time with Nana before he deployed last summer. We've talked and he's at peace with everything but it's still gotta be hard for him to not be home. I'm going to help his mom and see Nana this weekend. Maybe Cooper can spread some cheer:)
Lots of branches are now hitting our roof after a sudden growth spurt and the wind that we've had. Time for a good spring cleaning! Lawn care should take care of cleaning out the gutters, flower beds, and trimming branches on Friday. Hopefully things start warming up soon after because I want to start planting flowers and getting ready for Lee's return home. Lots of worked outside to do but for me that's something to look forward to doing!

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