Friday, March 1, 2013

blue sofa

I'm really craving a blue sofa. I have been since seeing this picture. The dogs may have made me love it more but nonetheless, I love the blue.
I remember seeing it on a furniture store's website months and months ago but I don't remember where. Lee would be opposed to the high arms on this anyway. Our current sofas (we have 2 instead of a couch + love seat) have high arms and he can't stand them. He says there bad for conversation when we have company. Good point but I still like them for now. Funny how your needs evolve when you get old. Ha!
Then I came across this room of Anne Maxwell. Checkout her amazing home HERE. Swoon.
 I saw some blue velvet fabric at Joann's the other day on clearance and was X close to buying it but I didn't. I've been thinking about it ever since and plan to swing by there after work to snag it all if it's still there. Surely I'll have a future project that will need it!

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charmaine said...

Love! You should definitely go back and buy that fabric!