Thursday, March 28, 2013

sipp'n on hot tea

...on gin and juice hot tea. Laid back. With my mind on my money and my money on my mind.
I bring you a little Snoop for your day! Taking it back...way back:

 I'm all about an award system and I totally take advantage of it when good things happen. Raise at work = a treat for me.
I've been loving decaf hot tea at night since I'm trying not to indulge myself in so much caffeine. I've found that the hot tea is the perfect little "snack" too.  I was at a meeting the other night and hot tea was offered to me and of course I obliged but I was more so fascinated with their tea kettle. Much more fun than my pot on the stove or microwave warm up. So...I got one of my own and I think mine is way cuter;)
I got THIS 3 qt size so I can make plenty of tea so come on over for a tea party! I got ours from Neiman because I found a free shipping promo code and it was tax free since there's not one in Oklahoma. Score! So excited to get this baby in the mail!
Remember, our kitchen is white but the breakfast nook is painted BM's jalapeno pepper green? This is going to be such a stink'n cute accent!

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