Thursday, March 7, 2013

fabric update

Charmaine! I bought THIS blue velvet fabric, thanks for the push;)
I don't have any specific plans for it yet so I didn't know how much to get so I got all that was left. It was about 4.5 yrds on clearance. I think it would make a gorgeous tuft headboard or an amazing settee redo.

Here's the new fabric I got to redo the pelmet board in our master bath. I'm going to attempt the update this wknd.
 I picked up some beautiful emerald silk-like napkins at Pier 1 the other day. On clearance too! Kinda funny story. I took off work early to head home because we were supposed to have a huge blizzard hit around noon and I wanted to get home before it did but not without ordering Mexican food to keep me company. I stepped into Pier 1 before going to pick up my call-in order. We didn't get the blizzard but that was A.O.K with me.
I picked up some eyelet napkins too. I like the layer look. I have no intention of using these right now because they don't match anything...yet. I just couldn't resist the combo. Or the bunny ear burlap napkin rings. Don't you think Easter stuff is just the cutest?! This pic doesn't do the color justice. I'm just really loving anything with a jewel tone right now.

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