Wednesday, February 29, 2012

what a hoot

This was delivered yesterday evening:

I immediately placed her in the entry. Love it. She's a lot taller than I thought she would be. She comes up to my knee. AND I have a tall knee. Ha!

What's buddy Taylor told me that I now need to put a cute umbrella in there after I text her this picture. That's when I realized...I don't own 1 umbrella. They all seem to get torn to shreds by the wind here! For starters, I'm looking to purchase one like this:

So I can get to looking like this:

The shower tile is officially done! BUT lets back that @ss up. After I paid him and he left, I darted back to the shower to clean the mess up. As I was wiping away the chalky mess on the shower floor, I discovered that he did not grout a various obvious spot.

I raced to my phone and called him to turn around to REALLY be done. He did and it is now completely grouted. I am going to wait another day to do an in depth cleaning but I'm glad I noticed that! Sheesh.

Feeling pretty good about checking something off my list, I "played closet" (as my FL mom would say) and picked out my work clothes for the next day.

On the way to work, I sent a pic of me to Lee to bid him good morning since we can't wake up to each other's stinky breath.

Have a good day, y'all! Enjoy Leap Day, you won't see it again for another 4 years!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

training, layers, babies & wedding dresses

The umbrella stand should be delivered today! Whoop whoop! I can't wait to put the stand in its long awaited spot in our entry.
The tile I keep writing about should FINALLY be finished today. Tile guy will grout and seal today. I'm not going to hold my breath but he should be finished today and I can then be out $1,035 after I pay him. On the bright side, I'm not paying him by the hour! There's no telling how much I would owe him after dragging this mess out for so long.
Cooper is learning to low crawl like his Soldier daddy. Either he's really smart or I'm the Dog Whisperer. I think both.
I bought a white coverlet set for our bed. At Target nonetheless. THIS one. I was going back and forth between that one and THIS one from West Elm (in white of course). I ultimately decided to go with the Target one because it had clean lines and no frilly embellishments. Anyway, I like the extra layer it adds to our bed. I really like layers on beds. I went shopping with my family this past weekend and I was telling my mom how much I liked seeing how different home departments style their beds. The beds are always layered and look extra cozy. I feel like they're always beckoning me to crawl up onto the bed and take a nap to rest my tootsies before they shop till they drop.
I had lunch with my best gal, Kimberly, over the weekend. She showed me a recent pic of  her niece. Kimberly and Allyson are twins and will without a doubt be my childhood to granny bffs. Allyson's daughter is a super cute tiny little thing with a big ole personality. She's adorbs and the pix Allyson sends light up my day.

Random...but I usually am...I'm loving this dress that Mrs. Oklahoma wore in a recent photo shoot. It's from a local boutique that has the sweetest of sweet owner. LOVE it. So romantic. Wedding dress or not, I would totally wear this dress to a military ball. Ha! I kid you not.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Lee had a pt test this morning and he passed. You either pass or fail. It's more than just running but he did run 2 miles in 14:30 (duh, 14 mins and 30 sec) today. That sexy beast.
He had "field" training a couple weeks ago. Here he is in what looks like a tent. There's no telling.


Despite what critics are saying. I liked Billy Crystal. He wasn't mean and I liked seeing him come back to host the 2012 Academy Awards. A lot better than Hathaway and Franco! I think the boredom only transpired on how the show was organized by the producers! What the heck was up with those random interviews of past winners? BORING. Why have all the technical awards bunched at the beginning? BORING.
I wish they would mixed it up more. If I ran the show, I'd throw in some impromptu skits and see what those actors do without scripts. That's right, high school drama class style. Instead of hearing what the stars had to say in those random BORING interviews, I'd interview their fans. We're the ones that make their millions for them anyway.
I DID like the opening skit.

...and also the Cirque du Soleil routine was amaze balls. It made me want to see more! Great theme.

Best Dressed? Michelle Williams. Hands down. That poppy color was killer on her. She was killing it last night and her pixie cut couldn't be cuter. So glad you went simple on jewels, Michelle. She was a stand out. But I think she could make a potato sack look fab.

O Angie. You are rotten. BUT I hate to say it; I really liked her dress...just not her in it. I think Rachel McAdams would have killed it with class. Angie and her pose made me sick. But, yes...her dress was one of my favs-just not her in it. Leave your poses on the carpet. She took the pose everywhere! I guess no publicity is bad publicity...even if you're the end of a joke.

The screen writers for The Descendants mocked her by reenacting her pose when they appeared on stage to accept their award from HER. Too funny...and kinda mean.

Other favs included (in no particular order): Maya Rudolph, Paltrow, Octavia, Glenn Pool (Age appropriate and fab. Loved the tux jacket over her mermaid ball gown.) LOVED Kate Mara too.

I want to be Emma's friend. Her laugh was genuine and I actually enjoyed her presenting. I only liked the hot pink ombre thing her dress did at the bottom before her dress went solid red. I liked Kidman better in hers in 2009.

Sorry I didn't like the way Wiig looked last night. LOVE what she's done to her hair but I think those putty dresses she KEEPS wearing wash her out completely! Again, I like the dress just not on her. I even liked her black nails and green ring with the dress! Great accessories with that dress.

Totally agree with what I'm hearing about Portman. I think I would have like her better if she had paired the dots with a more modern necklace or hairdo?? She comes off too mature or old to wear a polka dot dress. I think she seems uptight in it and it makes me uncomfortable to watch her.

EWE and JLo's dress looked like something on clearance from the mall.
AND more importantly, where the heck was Blake Lively? That's who I really want to see.

Friday, February 24, 2012

run erin, run

I just signed up to run in the OKC Memorial Marathon! Yeehaw! I'm nervous and excited. I threw out excuses to my boo, Taylor, forever. Lee arrives shortly after the run so I kept telling myself that I didn't have time but that's just bull honky. I've wanted to be apart of this great event for years now. I'm done talking about things I want to do. This is the year to just do it already. Sheesh!

Tile update? I have none...other than the tile guy got food poisoning from cake at a kid's birthday so he has yet to finish THIS project. Supposedly he's coming tomorrow morning to tile...Is it more or is this taking fooooreverrrr?!

I'm having lunch with a couple buddies tomorrow and then I think I may do some thrifting. Hoping to find some goodies:)

Lee has a big test today. Think training midterm. Send him smart thoughts!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Today I reserve this space to remember the 7 Marines killed in a helicoptor collision last night at a training complex in Yuma, AZ. My heart hurts for their families. Let us all remember the sacrifices these Marines made to protecting our country. The steps they took to guard your family and mine will never be forgotten. You can read more their training for an upcoming deployment to Afganistan and the collision HERE and HERE.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

finally bought it

I FINALLY ordered the beloved Two's Company owl umbrella stand. I have been giving it googly eyes for quite awhile now. I took the plunge when I saw a 10% discount and free shipping. Play Where's Waldo the owl umbrella stand in the images below.


Johnathan Adler
Johnathan Adler


I needed to get Coop some dog food so I ran drove to Pet Smart on my lunch break yesterday. I parted ways with more than dog food.

I also scored some snow boots for my favorite pup if he should ever need them. They were on sale! I couldn't help myself.

And he likes them.

Monday, February 20, 2012

weekend deets

The past 3 days have been A-mazing with my hubby.

I took the entire day off work and picked Lee up at the airport.
From there, we grabbed lunch at a yummy bagel cafe.
We then darted around the corner for a dentist appointment for us both.
I got my pictures and moldings done for Invisalign. I am beyond excited about this. Seriously.
We picked up Cooper from the groomer where Lee was flooded with puppy kisses.

We grabbed 3 large pizzas from Papa Murphy's,some spirits and then headed home.
After dropping off Coop and letting Lee smell home sweet home, we ran to the mall where Lee got some GNC goodies and I scored a couple restock things from Chanel. (THIS in brun & THIS in rose quartz)
Picked Coop up some dog food and ordered him a new squeaky chicken online because we couldn't find the one in the store.

Some BFF's came over a bit later to eat, play dominoes and be merry.

On Saturday...
We lounged around a lot.
Ate a burger at Lee's favorite place for lunch.
Got pedicures together in the afternoon.
Lounged around a lot more.

On Sunday...
We went to church together.
Showed Lee my new fav place to brunch and we ate a whole bunch.
Lounged around at home.
Saw This Means War and we liked it. I mean, it was alright.
Lounged around at home a bit more.
Went to grab some tex-mex at another fav spot.
Back home to lounge around some more.

Dropped Lee off at the airport.
Did some retail therapy at Jcrew and bought some modern red (shocking red/orange) colored capris at lunch.

I'll go home after work and hit the gym.
I then plan to eat my leftover burrito and pretend Lee is sitting across from me. (Creepy, no?) Ha!

*Tile guy just called and said that he's sick and will come tomorrow to lay the tile. (He didn't do it it Friday because he said the slab still hadn't cured.) Mercy.


How I feel about seeing Lee off at the airport:

Friday, February 17, 2012

airport bound

Here's what my morning looks like:

Be at pet resort to drop off Coop to groomer by 7am.
Be home before 7:30am to greet tile guy to FINALLY lay tile.
Head to airport at 11am to pick up precious cargo. AND by that I mean LEE!
Pick up Coop and watch him p on Lee with excitement.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Cee Lo petting his cat during The Voice cracks me up. I literally lol'd.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

bedroom action

I still love our new Kate Spade comforter but I'm hoping to soften it up a bit so it's not so bright in there. It's just too much right now with the curtains and comforter and blah blah blah. It's time to go to the next layer. Money doesn't grow on my trees so these things take time it you're like me and have champagne taste on a beer budget...or tend to be a bit of a tightwad...
I was looking through my inspiration files and on my way to the bedroom folder, I found this pic in my bathroom folder(strange detour, right?):

I love how glitzy but simple this bathroom looks. I've always drooled over that mirror too. Lately, I've been obsessing over Venetian mirrors. I would hang one above one of our nightstands and frame a piece of art on the other side so it's not so matchy-match.
I started my picky search trying to find just the right venetian style that would trip my trigger and then I found THE ONE! If it's not the exact same mirror it is a def replica! With free shipping to boot, I'll be buying this soon. Like very soon.

The next layer will be to find a white coverlet/quilt & sham set to layer on the bed. I will then fold our loud comforter at the end of the bed. A majority of my bedroom inspire pix display all white bedding with a pop of color folded at the end of the bed.

O and wouldn't it be amaze balls to be gifted a white juju hat to go in there too? I would center it above the bed like these guys did:


Last night I stopped and picked up pasta to take over to Nick and Kristie's for dinner. (Nick had an exam.)Their little Kaden was my wee little Valentine. Kristie and I had girl talk and chased Kaden around the house. He likes to be read to in his tent in the living room:

I gifted Kaden a green Kermit shirt to wear in March and some bath time crayons to scribble in the tub.

It was raining this morning and this kid didn't want me to go to work:
Ignore his hairdo. He's sporting the "Jennifer Aniston Shag" until Friday when he gets groomed.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

done did it again

Special delivery to my office just now. Loving the tall red rectangular vase. With love, from my Soldier: