Monday, February 27, 2012


Despite what critics are saying. I liked Billy Crystal. He wasn't mean and I liked seeing him come back to host the 2012 Academy Awards. A lot better than Hathaway and Franco! I think the boredom only transpired on how the show was organized by the producers! What the heck was up with those random interviews of past winners? BORING. Why have all the technical awards bunched at the beginning? BORING.
I wish they would mixed it up more. If I ran the show, I'd throw in some impromptu skits and see what those actors do without scripts. That's right, high school drama class style. Instead of hearing what the stars had to say in those random BORING interviews, I'd interview their fans. We're the ones that make their millions for them anyway.
I DID like the opening skit.

...and also the Cirque du Soleil routine was amaze balls. It made me want to see more! Great theme.

Best Dressed? Michelle Williams. Hands down. That poppy color was killer on her. She was killing it last night and her pixie cut couldn't be cuter. So glad you went simple on jewels, Michelle. She was a stand out. But I think she could make a potato sack look fab.

O Angie. You are rotten. BUT I hate to say it; I really liked her dress...just not her in it. I think Rachel McAdams would have killed it with class. Angie and her pose made me sick. But, yes...her dress was one of my favs-just not her in it. Leave your poses on the carpet. She took the pose everywhere! I guess no publicity is bad publicity...even if you're the end of a joke.

The screen writers for The Descendants mocked her by reenacting her pose when they appeared on stage to accept their award from HER. Too funny...and kinda mean.

Other favs included (in no particular order): Maya Rudolph, Paltrow, Octavia, Glenn Pool (Age appropriate and fab. Loved the tux jacket over her mermaid ball gown.) LOVED Kate Mara too.

I want to be Emma's friend. Her laugh was genuine and I actually enjoyed her presenting. I only liked the hot pink ombre thing her dress did at the bottom before her dress went solid red. I liked Kidman better in hers in 2009.

Sorry I didn't like the way Wiig looked last night. LOVE what she's done to her hair but I think those putty dresses she KEEPS wearing wash her out completely! Again, I like the dress just not on her. I even liked her black nails and green ring with the dress! Great accessories with that dress.

Totally agree with what I'm hearing about Portman. I think I would have like her better if she had paired the dots with a more modern necklace or hairdo?? She comes off too mature or old to wear a polka dot dress. I think she seems uptight in it and it makes me uncomfortable to watch her.

EWE and JLo's dress looked like something on clearance from the mall.
AND more importantly, where the heck was Blake Lively? That's who I really want to see.

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