Monday, February 20, 2012

weekend deets

The past 3 days have been A-mazing with my hubby.

I took the entire day off work and picked Lee up at the airport.
From there, we grabbed lunch at a yummy bagel cafe.
We then darted around the corner for a dentist appointment for us both.
I got my pictures and moldings done for Invisalign. I am beyond excited about this. Seriously.
We picked up Cooper from the groomer where Lee was flooded with puppy kisses.

We grabbed 3 large pizzas from Papa Murphy's,some spirits and then headed home.
After dropping off Coop and letting Lee smell home sweet home, we ran to the mall where Lee got some GNC goodies and I scored a couple restock things from Chanel. (THIS in brun & THIS in rose quartz)
Picked Coop up some dog food and ordered him a new squeaky chicken online because we couldn't find the one in the store.

Some BFF's came over a bit later to eat, play dominoes and be merry.

On Saturday...
We lounged around a lot.
Ate a burger at Lee's favorite place for lunch.
Got pedicures together in the afternoon.
Lounged around a lot more.

On Sunday...
We went to church together.
Showed Lee my new fav place to brunch and we ate a whole bunch.
Lounged around at home.
Saw This Means War and we liked it. I mean, it was alright.
Lounged around at home a bit more.
Went to grab some tex-mex at another fav spot.
Back home to lounge around some more.

Dropped Lee off at the airport.
Did some retail therapy at Jcrew and bought some modern red (shocking red/orange) colored capris at lunch.

I'll go home after work and hit the gym.
I then plan to eat my leftover burrito and pretend Lee is sitting across from me. (Creepy, no?) Ha!

*Tile guy just called and said that he's sick and will come tomorrow to lay the tile. (He didn't do it it Friday because he said the slab still hadn't cured.) Mercy.


Amber said...

Glad you had a good weekend together! My hubby is gone for a week and a half and I miss him terribly--makes me think of you and how good you're doing with Lee being gone for so long!

Erin said...

We did indeed! O Thanks. I def have my good and bad days having him gone. I just try not to let it make me crazy! Ha!