Thursday, February 9, 2012


Update: I got ALL the same tile. Sweeeeeet.

Gol-LEE bum. Ha! 
$127 later (w/military discount) I have tile. I went to Lowe's on my lunch break to get all the tile to fix THIS leak and when I looked closely at the pic of the shower floor tile in my back seat...Uh oooo. I noticed or it appears that not ALL the tile matches in color. Hopefully its the phone's image quality and not my carelessness. If all else fails I'll just exchange it later but hopefully my eyes are only playing tricks one me. 
If Lee were here, he would have wanted to analyze every square I put in my basket. AND technically, I didn't put all the tile in my basket. The boxes of tile in my trunk were really heavy and I'm wearing my fancy pants. Removing them from my trunk later by myself should be fun. Oy.

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