Thursday, February 2, 2012

mercy mr. percy

Last night I was organizing our closet again to see what I can do to spruce things up a bit after seeing all the pretty closet posts over at Brooklyn Limestone. I was in the process of removing an old briefcase that had been stored under Lee's hanging jeans when I discovered a big wet spot in the carpet and the briefcase was ewe gross! Crikey. Knowing that the closet backs up to our shower in the master bathroom, I immediately ruled out Cooper as the culprit. Sorry Coop. I then did the most logical thing I could think of at the moment. I recorded a video and sent it via text to Lee. Ha! Then he didn't respond because o yeh...he's doing that Army thing...So I then forwarded it to our besties, Jacob and Taylor to plead for help. I must also tell you that moments later they arrived sans red cape ready to save the day. We have A-mazing friends, huh?
I have since scheduled 3 appointments for estimates to get this leak fixed. There will be more to this story but for now I'll share the ridiculous video with you. You can tell I'm dumbstruck and thinking out loud as I put the pieces together:

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