Wednesday, February 1, 2012

house of fifty

Keeping my eye on the prize for the end of THE deployment, I'm still scheming for decor for the house we're going to build. For some reason, chatter always migrates to the kitchen in my family. The heart of the home. I'd like my future kitchen to be big and offer lots of sitting. Thinking about the breakfast nook, I like this a lot:

For no other particular reason other than eye candy, I stumbled upon a couple lovely pops of color that I'm absolutely loving from House of Fifty. Funny how they happen to be vastly different in needs as it's a nursery and a bar/party scene:


Amanda Hill said...

Loved your comment on my blog this morning Thanks! As for RED'S my favorite is Cover-girl Lip-stain in cherry. It lasts long because it's a stain...reds are hard because they fade so fast. I add a gloss over the top and it lasts a couple hours no problem! Xoxo!

Erin said...

Ewe wee and I think I'll like the price too! I'll check it out VERY soon! Thanks:)

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Fun to have found your blog via your comment on mine today! Thanks for sharing our latest issue of House of Fifty on your site today, and oh, sounds great, making plans to build a house! All the best with all your ventures, Janell