Friday, February 3, 2012

fun bun

Have you seen the fabulous buns in the media lately?! Mags, FB, Pinterest, blogs...they're everywhere. I've seen the tutorials and they all make it look too easy. I had my doubts but it REALLY is easy peasy!

One.   Get an old sock and cut the toe out of it.
Two.   Roll your sock into a little donut.
Three. Put your hair into a pony. However high or low you set the pony, that is where your bun will be.
Pull your hair through the donut and tease your pony like mad. Let your hair fall around the donut and then take another hair dilly (aka scrunchie, hair tie, rubber band) and secure the hair around the donut. Ta-Da! I took a couple bobbypins and cleaned it up just a bit but only a bit bc I like a messy bun.
Now. Go on. Get your fun bun on.

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