Tuesday, February 28, 2012

training, layers, babies & wedding dresses

The umbrella stand should be delivered today! Whoop whoop! I can't wait to put the stand in its long awaited spot in our entry.
The tile I keep writing about should FINALLY be finished today. Tile guy will grout and seal today. I'm not going to hold my breath but he should be finished today and I can then be out $1,035 after I pay him. On the bright side, I'm not paying him by the hour! There's no telling how much I would owe him after dragging this mess out for so long.
Cooper is learning to low crawl like his Soldier daddy. Either he's really smart or I'm the Dog Whisperer. I think both.
I bought a white coverlet set for our bed. At Target nonetheless. THIS one. I was going back and forth between that one and THIS one from West Elm (in white of course). I ultimately decided to go with the Target one because it had clean lines and no frilly embellishments. Anyway, I like the extra layer it adds to our bed. I really like layers on beds. I went shopping with my family this past weekend and I was telling my mom how much I liked seeing how different home departments style their beds. The beds are always layered and look extra cozy. I feel like they're always beckoning me to crawl up onto the bed and take a nap to rest my tootsies before they shop till they drop.
I had lunch with my best gal, Kimberly, over the weekend. She showed me a recent pic of  her niece. Kimberly and Allyson are twins and will without a doubt be my childhood to granny bffs. Allyson's daughter is a super cute tiny little thing with a big ole personality. She's adorbs and the pix Allyson sends light up my day.

Random...but I usually am...I'm loving this dress that Mrs. Oklahoma wore in a recent photo shoot. It's from a local boutique that has the sweetest of sweet owner. LOVE it. So romantic. Wedding dress or not, I would totally wear this dress to a military ball. Ha! I kid you not.

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