Friday, February 3, 2012

orange you glad I didn't say...

Referencing an old "knock knock" joke in my post title...
Exciting news for our pals, Kimberly and Rusty...They bought some land to build their dream home! They don't plan on building tomorrow but they are def one step closer to building. I'm so happy for them. Gets me excited about finding land for our dream home!
Kimberly and I met for lunch today and she brought me paint chips and her khaki pillowcase. Ha! She wanted my take on painting the dresser in her bedroom either a coral or turquoise color. She's afraid she'll get tired of turquoise but I don't know how she could get tired of that B-E-A-Utiful color. I mean, House of Turquoise dedicates her entire blog to that color. AND I love the turquoise painted walls in my bathroom. To each his own. Nonetheless, for the dresser, I was all for going the orange-y route. Duh. It's like the Pantone Color of the Year! I blogged about it HERE. Here's some pix for my visually inspired friend:

But WHY O WHY do we have to forgo turquoise if we choose orange? I accented with orange in my turquoise bathroom. These people combined them both too:

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