Thursday, February 9, 2012

splurge or save

Before we continue with our normal programming, I bring you a scene from this morning's episode.
A Coopie Moment...
Cooper is my shadow around the house but more so in the mornings when I'm getting ready for work. He likes to rest his head on my foot when I'm primping in front of the mirror. Cute, huh?

The amazing Tuxedo Chandy from ZGallerie is a steep $799.

You can get a look alike on sale at Macy's today for $591.99!

But I'm digging the Tuxedo Sconce:


Caroline + Sean said...

Where are you putting that light fixture? Are you replacing your dining room one!?

Erin said...

No no. Just browsing and dreaming. I printed the sconce to add to my build a home binder.

Brandi said... i just loved your dog picture. my cat is my shadow...she follows me around EVERYWHERE and its like she has to be touching my feet! sometimes its annoying. Can't I just make a sandwich?? lol..

Erin said...

Me too! I love it except it never fails-when I'm carrying something heavy into the house, he's right there under my feet! haha