Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Last night I noticed some puppy prints in the tub. I think Cooper is hinting that he would like a bath. He's a hoot. This is far from Coop's perception of the tub but it makes me laugh:

Last night I had a Skype date with Lee. Lee yelled for Cooper and Coop immediately came running to the computer. He keeps looking at the screen for a way to get inside it to find Lee. Lee told him to go find his chicken and off he went to find it. Moments later. I had a chicken on my lap top. Coop then went off to the bedroom to pout since Lee didn't appear to retrieve it. Poor little guy.

When Lee had a long weekend during his Airborne training and we(me + Cooper) went to pick Lee up at the airport, Coop p'd all over Lee. Awesome. I can't wait to see Cooper's reaction when Lee walks in the front door next week. O thank goodness for President's Day Weekend! We are REALLY looking forward to seeing the man of the house at home even if for a wee little bit.

Speaking of house...leak drama has turned a corner. Apparently the tile I redid in our shower the Summer of '09 when Lee was doing his OSUT training has sprung a leak. The new tile guy thinks the old tile guy didn't place the shower pan in the base of the shower correctly or it has a hole. We'll see this weekend when the demo starts. Here's what my estimate looked like:
  • Tear out existing pan and first row, possibly two rows, of wall tile.
  • Reset drain, and new slope.
  • Set new membrane for pan, extend up walls 6" to 8".
  • Pour new sloped pan with mesh and acrylic fortifier.
  • Set tiles on floor and walls with acrylic based thin set.
  • Grout.
  • Seal new grout and wipe down/clean existing grout in shower and seal.
All materials included except tile and grout. All labor included.

$ 1,350.00

A bit peev'd that I'm replacing somewhat new tile and motivated by my negotiating pal, Jacob, I questioned the price. Ironically, new tile guy stated that he had a typo on his originally estimate. Fishy, no? He said the price should read: $1,035. Whatever. I accepted the bid to keep the ball rolling and get this issue fixed. Heck. February will be over before we know it. No telling what next month's budget will be. Last month I fixed THIS.

Lee is really pushing positive thinking on me (something I've never struggled w/ before) so I'm trying to focus on spending money on our dream home when he gets back from The Sandbox. There's a particular tile pattern that will be in the bathroom(s) of our future home. I'm sure you can see the floor similarities in the images below:


WEITZEL said...

Hey! I was house sitting while this tile job was being done! And did not know it at the time but was preggo with Rian!

Erin said...

OMG! That's right!!!! Teacher friends that have the Summers off make the best house sitters.
Maybe you need to come house sit again so Rian can have a baby bro are sissy?!