Friday, January 13, 2012

turtle power

The Ninja Turtle's pizza looked a lot better when I was kid watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Too busy to blog yesterday. I was working on a big presentation going on next week. I won't tell you that one our international reps is in town. AND I won't tell you that he's very hard to like. I'll just leave it at that.

In a very Friday the 13th way, my car started overheating on the interstate this morning. It would be the coldest day that we've had in a long time too. My fingers and toes were freezing as I kept turning my engine off and letting it cool down and turning it back on to go 5mph. I crept all the way to the auto shop. Shop just called and told me it will be about 1200 beans to fix it and it won't be ready until Monday since they don't work the weekends. Crikey.
Lee told me to try to see the positive and I just barked negative back at him. I know, I'm awful. He has a special robotic way about him to take charge and simply get necessary things done. He doesn't stress like I do whereas sometimes I just want him to be like, "Man, That really sucks." BUT he's right. At least I wasn't in heavy traffic and able to get off the interstate safely to make it to the auto shop. I didn't have to pay to be towed and it's expensive but fixable. The best thing to do now is count my blessings, pretend I'm a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and find some of this:

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