Monday, January 23, 2012

weekend deets

Can you believe I get to see Lee for less than 24 hours this wknd when we fly to meet each other for Mal's wedding!? Goodie goodie gum drops! I start my weekend on Thursday. Woot woot.
I had a terrible time trying to find a bow-tie and shirt combo for Lee to wear with his suit.  I only know what I like and don't like, not what is acceptable. Ha.
He has stuff to wear but I like to get him a new something when I get a new something. Next time, I'm going to go prepared with style inspiration photos.
Minus the glasses. (Lee doesn't wear glasses) I love this look:

I am a sucker for a man in a bow-tie. In fact, it was one of the very few "no buts about it demands" I had for our wedding. Lucky for me, Lee actually doesn't mind wearing bow-ties either. AND he looks pretty dapper if you ask me...but you're not asking me, are you?
I did find him a pocket square and new dress shirt to go with a charcoal colored suit and tie that he already had:

I watched a lot of Big Bang Theory reruns this weekend too. Dr. Sheldon Cooper is my favorite character (aka Jim Parsons) So funny. Every time he laughs, says "Bazinga" or knocks on Penny's door my heart chuckles a little.

Like a lot of reruns. I have them set to record on the DVR and I may or may not have watched 34 episodes. This little dude kept me company:

I got a pedi and a shellac mani in preparation for next weekend's events too:

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