Thursday, January 5, 2012


There I was feeling like a poot when out of nowhere...BAM...a blessing happened.

(last night...)

Lee and I found out his training schedule. Excited to finally plan our 1st weekend trip to see one another and confirm his appearance at the wedding of our pals Mal & James, we started looking for a flight for him since I've already booked mine.

BAM. No luck finding a flight late enough for him to get there the night of the rehearsal dinner.

BAM. No luck finding a flight late enough for him to get there that night at all.

(earlier today...)

We settled for searching for an early Saturday morning flight.
BAM. Everything we found was just too much for one night. Costs were already climbing elsewhere and we needed to think about budgeting for other Lee & Erin trips during his training.

Insert grumpy turd face and a bit of hopeless on me.

Then BAM a coworker walks in and sees something that I was completely over looking for less than 1/2 the cost that I had found AND....drum roll me, yes gives me, a $200 travel voucher!

Thank you, Lord.


Caroline and Sean said...

So when is Lee going to get there!? Friday or Saturday!? Flying sucks and is so expensive! Awesome you got that ;)

Erin said...

It will be sometime on Sat. We haven't booked him for sure yet bc we have to wait for his leave approval for the wknd from his trainers. Hurry and wait kinda thing. He had to find an itenerary to submit for approval and now we wait.