Wednesday, January 11, 2012

sports-bra for the win

Update to Lee's airfare purchase: It's bought. Coworker had to purchase it through his 1K hotline because United says that the credit coupons are transferrable BUT he has to be there, meaning I would need to book at an United counter with him there to authorize since the credit coupon is in his name! He bought it and I paid him the balance after the credit since he was able to cheat the system and book by phone. So he told me...

When Lee left, I really started focusing on my diet. Something I can control. I do a very low cal thing during the week and splurge on the wknds. I'm not doing any special diet fad but really trying to watch my intake, drink mucho water and stay away from eating foods after dark. I've been snacking a bit during the day too. Also, I've been taking Coop for walks if I can get home and change clothes before dark. I'll have a yogurt maybe mid morning or a protein shake in the afternoon. I've lost 14lbs since for sure after Christmas doing this. My eating habits started going up and down the closer we got to Lee's departure date due to nerves. I'm not sure how long this will last but it's something.
When I need a motivator, I buy a colorful sports-bra from Target when I get groceries. No kidding. Neon pink is doing it for me lately. Here she is:


Caroline and Sean said...

I have like 6 of these sports bras! They are the best and come in super cute colors!

Amber said...

I love these things! I buy them for all of our water adventures since they dry fast. And, anytime I'm feeling down, I'm sure to purchase something like this from Target when I'm getting groceries. Thinking of you always!