Monday, January 30, 2012

weekend deets

I'm back from Houston and I have so much to report. For one, it's official. Mal and James are married. The wedding was picturesque; an absolute fairytale. From the yummy rehearsal dinner with the beautiful view to the sweet bridal brunch and then the amazing wedding-everything was incredible. The flowers. O the flowers. They were big, spectacular and everywhere. In lieu of a guest book, they had a wishing tree. Cute, huh?

Yes, Lee's flight arrived on time and we wasted no time. I wholeheartedly love this man for everything he is. So glad God gave him to me. Isn't he dreamy?

10 Really Good Things to Remember from the Weekend:
  1. Mal & James picked me up from the airport. We had a great time hanging out-just us. We chowed down on Mexican food and I gave James a hard time about his side of their ENORMOUS closet. Mal color coded his side and I can conclude that he thoroughly enjoys a good polo shirt.
  2. Getting to hear Mal & James tell me about their wedding day gifts to one another was extra special. James couldn't wait to show me his gift to Mal as soon as she left the room. They are truly a match made in heaven. They both have the best sense of humor and make you laugh until it hurts. It was really cool to see the softer side of James and see him so smitten for Mal.
  3. Hotel ZaZa was a great wedding venue. I was upgraded to a balcony room! We had lunch at the hotel prior to checking into our rooms and enjoyed a mimosa to toast the beginning of an eventful weekend. That yummy lunch was only a prelude to all the other delicious food we were served while there. Yummy!
  4. It was fantastic to see so many of my college girlfrans together again. We had a blast being silly girls at the great rehearsal dinner too. AND the hors d'oeuvres prior to the dinner at The Petroleum Club were equally great. The crab cakes and egg rolls rank way up there for me. Lobster bisque and prime rib helped fill our very full menu for the evening. Best part: Dessert. (Pecan Ball)
  5. Pecan Ball needs it's own bullet point. Rather than having a groom's cake at the wedding, the groom's dessert was served at the rehearsal dinner. It's a ball of vanilla ice cream covered in pecans. A server then asks if you prefer butterscotch or chocolate sauce. What did I say? I said, "Both of course".
  6. The speeches to follow the pecan balls were super sweet. Finished by James telling Mallory how beautiful she looked that evening and how excited he was to marry her the next day. Awe!
  7. Bridal brunch had more pretty flowers that coordinated perfectly with our invitations. The bridesmaids were gifted the softest monogrammed robes. I heart anything with a monogram so I loved my "E" robe. Mal's mom (LOVE her) said a humble thank you at the end and Mal immediately teared up. Someone asked Mal if she was OK and she replied while openly crying, "I'm just sooo happy!" It was adorable and hilarious.
  8. When Lee came though the door of our hotel room for the first time, I was occupying the bathroom...I couldn't get out of there fast enough to get to him. It was soooo good to see him!
  9. Mallory. She was a beauty the day of her wedding. Everything was glam. We had hair and makeup appointments in her suite while watching a chick flick, eating chicken nuggets and drinking Champagne.
  10. Again, the wedding was that of a fairytale. The attention to detail was carried out by the best wedding planner I have ever witnessed. Mal's dream wedding became her reality. The band was the best ever. Many times, we looked up thinking we were hearing a DJ while the band would be on break when in fact it was the lead singer. Awesome. We danced our hearts out. Ate until we were full and then ate again when late night snacks were served! Even the get away car was something special:


Caroline + Sean said...

Yay! So fun! I want the pics from bridal luncheon, especially our elevator one! :)

Erin said...

:/ I don't remember an elevator pic. Hmmph. I'll look.