Thursday, January 19, 2012

book worm

I meant to tell you last week that I finished my Hunger Games books. Best trilogy I've read in a long time. Thank you, Lee for my Christmas! I flew through the books. Reading them at lunch, on my breaks and late into the night was becoming a regular thing...for a few days anyway. I wish they had lasted longer because I enjoyed them so. When I find a good book, my book worm self has trouble putting it down. I am REALLY looking forward to the movie coming out in March. I'll go by myself if I have to! 

I'm trying to start The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo but it has seems to have such a slow start that I keep putting it down to do something else. I'm going to work on it Friday and see if I can get some read this weekend because MANY people have told me the book is good and the movie is great too.

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