Tuesday, January 10, 2012

itty bitty

Lee's aunt must have been going through old pictures because she found some she thought Lee might like to have. He received a package last night and of course I opened it. Thanks, Susan! So incredibly thoughtful of you to send those pictures to us. It really made my day. How cute is whittle bitty Lee?!

I immediately called Lee after oohing and awing at the photos and told him that I hope our kids are this cute. Ha! No, I'm not preggers.

Flight Update: I'm having trouble booking Lee's flight using the travel vouchers. They are transferable but apparently you have to book them in person and the original recipient has to be there to authorize. After calling United back 5x's to speak to 5 different people from what sounded like India, I can now confirm the above. O poot. To be cont'd...

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Charlie and Stacy said...

I totally had those Mickey Mouse sheets when I was little!