Monday, September 10, 2012

weekend deets

Did I mention that I'm 1/8 cowgirl? Yes, it's true.
My family has livestock and the whole 9 yards. I grew up running barefoot in the hay meadows and winning calf scrambles at rodeos! Most of you prob have no idea what a calf scramble is, huh? Ha!

Calf Scramble: A break in between events for kids to join other kids in the arena. A calf is let loose with a ribbon tied to its tail. First kid to remove the ribbon from the calf gets a prize. Prize is usually money.

My cousins and I would pout if one of us didn't get the ribbon so my grandpa would tie a ribbon to his own calf and let it loose in his arena when we would get home from the rodeo. Def one of my fav memories. 

However, nowadays I would much rather have heels under my toes and be close to a large mall....but that doesn't mean my boots are ever far away. To explain that I'm not completely random by talking cows, I was reminded of these sweet memories after seeing a pic from this past weekend of the smallest cowgirl in our family on mom's horse.

If you know me, you know that I could eat Mexican food 7 days a week. I was excited that Kristin and Kimberly were up for a girl's night fiesta Friday night. We had a good time full of laughs and salsa.
A bunch of us went over to Taylor and Jacob's house to watch the OU game. Taylor had heard about a somewhat newish place that is doing themed tailgating menus for the games this season. How cool is that?! We played Florida A&M so this was our menu:
Alligator sausage
Spicy chicken wings
Crab and artichoke dip
Oyster po'boys
Pecan pralines

Eventually this new rug will be under a porch swing on the front porch but here it is for now. Still trying to decide how I'm going to decorate this area for fall so ignore the lonely scarecrow.
The runner came for the bathroom too. Here's a quick phone pic:
The lawn guys pulled the wrong dead plant! No worries because that one needed pulling too but I wanted another beast pulled so I could plant the remaining plants from last weekend's haul in its place! I must have looked pretty pitiful in the front yard trying to remove it myself because my sweet neighbor volunteered her husband to remove it for me. Awesome!
I hadn't talked to Lee (other than email) since the last time I told you until this morning! He called me during my drive to work this morning. You can only imagine how good it feels to hear his voice.
He was telling me that he built stilts for his bed to raise it up to create more room for personal space. He says he lives in a "tin can" and there is no spare room other than what's provided for beds so he had the idea to lift his bed! He said it's the height of a bunk bed now and he's able to store a microwave and mini fridge under his bed. Now he wants to get a beanbag or something to have another spot to read. He said he has a metal chair under there now but that's not very comfty so he tries to read in bed but just drifts to sleep when he does that. He's still working 16 hr days so I'm not sure how he squeezed in stilt time!

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