Monday, September 24, 2012

wknd deets

My weekend deets don't include anything exciting but I did enjoy my lazy time. I planted some more flowers and organized our spices. Wait. That sounds lame but it needed to be done. The cabinet above our stove was an overcrowded mess. We had doubles of some and others that had expired. I don't think I'll be one to make custom labels for all my spice and coordinate all the bottles but I do want a few nice oil bottles with maybe a measurable oil dropper. I'd also like to get a couple of large salt and pepper shakers. Only for storage though, I have cooler ones on my counter. I'm going to head to Garden Ridge sometime this week to see if something there will fit the bill.  Not too exciting but nonetheless, I shot an iphone pic for you:
I talked to Lee Sunday morning. He tries his hardest to call daily even if it's just for 30 seconds but sometimes I'm lucky and we get to breathe between sentences. There's been a few "blackouts". That's what they call them. It's when the network shuts down and  communication back home goes black home for security reasons. You can imagine my anxiety when this happens.
Lee's stomach has been bothering him enough that he decided to see a doctor. He can't venture far from a bathroom if you know what I mean...The food must be hard to get used to I guess???
He received the antenna that Jake and Tay sent him so hopefully we can Skype as soon as he gets it mounted. Fingers crossed!
Ladies and gents...something big happened this past week. We're officially 1 month closer to Lee coming home. Wahoo!


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