Tuesday, September 4, 2012

weekend deets

Last week I made 7 trips to Home Depot to get 76 stones to edge our front flowerbed. Whoo. I'm a crazy person but it gave me something to do! That was a lot of work. I was sooooo happy to unload my last stone Friday night.

On Saturday Cooper and I took off on a 3 hour road trip to spend the day with Lee's Nana. The party girl turned 95!
We had a great visit and Cooper slept all the way home on Sunday.
As soon as I got home I went to Lowe's. I bought a double knockout, a couple burning bushes, a couple crimson barberry shrubs and a couple mounding green accent things I can't remember the name of but everything I bought is very hardy and should stay green year round...hopefully. I raced back home with my goods, unloaded the plants and then left for Home Depot. I bought 4 Texas Sage plants and a couple bags of soil. The rest of the day was spent pulling weeds, pruning my existing rose bushes, planting and watering. I worked outside until dark!

On Monday I had planned on going to AT&T to suspend Lee's phone to avoid accruing excessive charges. However, I was there .5 seconds and they told me they only do "military cancellations" over the phone and that the word suspend isn't used anymore BUT they don't cancel your plan...it only freezes. (Not sure why you can't say suspend but whatever.)

Over the phone (of course I was on the phone for light years) I was well educated. A military cancellation:
retains your number
you keep paying for your plan (so your grandfathered unlimited crap isn't lost)
you don't receive text or calls so you can avoid international charges
you can use your phone for emergency calls only
as long as you restore your cancellation within 39 months you don't pay termination penalties
cancellation time doesn't count towards the time on your contract

To make a long story a little shorter, I didn't confirm the cancellation because it would have changed my rate plan since we're on a family plan. One active phone (despite paying for both phone services) doesn't equal a family plan. Boo hiss. Lee just has to be super careful as to how he uses his phone, etc because I've heard Afghanistan phone bill horror stores from other Army wives. Crikey.

I got groceries and spent the rest of the day in the flower beds again. I couldn't plant everything the night before because the sun went down.

I talked to Lee last night too! He wanted me to order some stuff for him. And I did. He's still having internet issues but he got up early to journey over to another building across the way to use the wifi there. We were able to talk via an app with a wifi connection for free! I really hope he gets the wifi thing figured out in his room quick because communication would be much better. He's doing OK. He's learning a ton and super busy working 16 hr days! Holy moley, huh?! He says it won't be like that for long though.

I took advantage of a couple other small Labor Day Sales. I bought the Crate and Barrel Olin Rug in the runner size for our guest bathroom. You know the one that looks like this:
I also bought Ballard Designs outdoor black and sand chevron rug for our front porch (I think the pic shows the brown one):

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