Friday, September 28, 2012

mi casa tu mikasa

When we were married, we had family china passed down to us. An entire set and then the gravy boat! BUT I have drooled over Honey We're Home's black and gold chevron china ever since I set my eyes on it. It's lovely and very us. She got it at Zgallerie but by the time I discovered it, it was no longer in stock. I have since done some detective work and found the exact design at Mikasa. I really want it...obviously! AND I found it on sale on Mikasa's website. Plus free shipping and two 20% coupons I found online. (1 off entire purchase and the other off a single item)
BUT after doing some browsing on Mikas's website I fell in love with another idea...
I got 8 of each: Platinum in the chevron pattern and gold in the polka dots.

And we don't have any champagne flutes. Insert sad face, huh? Ha! I just haven't found any I liked well enough to go with our existing china, etc. I have even been known to borrow flutes from friends for showers I've hosted. I don't know what it is about my shopping commitment issues. I either really like it and have to have it ASAP or just do without and dwell on it forever. Like my coffee table and camera bag dilemma! I guess that's a good thing???
Well in this case, waiting is a good thing because the crystal Mikasa flutes I want are now on clearance for $5.99 so I bought 8.
I plan to buy 8 of Kate Spade's New York Grace Avenue flutes too. I think the bows are precious but it will take me a bit to round these up. I'm going to use my 20% BBB coupon and buy a pair one at a time.
Then I'll have a party and we'll all drink mimosas.

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