Monday, October 1, 2012

wknd deets

Coop and I headed south to see my family. We celebrated my cousin's 22nd birthday with a taco bar at Grandma and Pop's house Friday night. Yum!
Mom doesn't let Coop roam the house like he can at the lake house but I forgot his crate! I couldn't stand the thought of him sleeping in the garage all night without me so I stopped and got a crate when we got to town before heading to Grandma's...and then returned the crate when we got back home.
Got a mani/pedi on Sunday. I did red on both.
I saw some goodies at Target when I went to get groceries on Sunday. Liked this gold and black leather look. I don't have an immediate need to spend $40 to keep my magazine together but it would be cool to have. I'm going to watch when it goes on sale but I'm not going to cry a river if it doesn't come home with me.
These black and gold vases were cool too:
Great look for less end table?!
OMG, right? If you still prefer the pricey one, get it HERE. But that's silly.
I did walk away with something black and gold! These ankle booties that are currently on my feet hiding under my desk. They are incredibly comfortable and I can already tell by the running around I've been doing all morning that these are going to be used quite a bit in the upcoming colder months.
I planted 2 flats of pansies yesterday evening and they look great, sepecially since we've received so much rain lately. Everything is going green again!

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