Monday, October 29, 2012

weekend deets

O man. I had so much planned for this past weekend but my body had something else planned. I was hanging by a thread all weekend with my head in the toilet sick. Not cool. I missed tailgating, going to the OU v Notre Dame football game and a slumber party with my buddies. I really wanted needed to see them. Although we lost (boooooo), this awesome pic was posted online from the game and I shared it with Lee via email.

Over the weekend my buddy, Kimberly, sent me a picture of her classroom door for her school's Red Ribbon Week Decorate your Door Contest.
We Scare Away Drugs:

Cute huh?!

I had brunch with Taylor, Jacob and another couple at local place that serves Sunday brunch family style. I think I hit the ground running too fast after being sick the day before because I went home after brunch for a 4 hour nap!

Latest food haul for Lee:

Mailed 2 boxes to Lee during lunch and came back to my office with flowers on my desk from Lee:

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