Friday, October 26, 2012


Last night I had dinner with my bff, Taylor. We gabbed over Mexican food and margaritas. It was a much needed gab session because it had been too too long!

Big weekend planned. Super excited to dart out of my office at 5! Anyone else have fab plans ahead?

I went to the grocery store and bought Lee $140 worth of groceries on my lunch hour today. Sheesh, I know. I loaded up since delivery times are changing to 6-8 weeks for the holidays soon and I didn't want him to do without his fav snacks. I already had a box ready to ship that held all of his thermal issued crap he can wear under his camo during the colder months so shipped that after I left the grocery store. I'll package the new goods I got today tonight and most likely drop them off to ship first thing in the morning. Maybe. Maybe I'll do that Monday. Like I said, big weekend planned!

He got a box full of snacks from his cousin Kristy's church. He emailed me a picture to forward them too!

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