Monday, October 22, 2012

weekend deets

I'm late getting to my post today because I have been a crazy busy woman today. I just got home from a vendor banquet for work on the eve of our big charity golf tournament I'm coordinating tomorrow.
BUT about this past weekend!
My favorite redhead invited me over for a fun girl's night again! Kimberly picked me up and bought us ice cream to eat after dinner. I got pumpkin of course!
Kimberly showed us the blue prints of the house she and her hubby are building soon. You know I loved that part of girl's night!
We watched the 1st and 3rd Twilight movies. Kristin gave me notes on the 2nd. Ha! I'm a bit behind having not read the books are see the movies...
On Saturday I did some volunteer work for CASA with my sorority's alum chapter. We put together bags of toys/activities for CASA advocates to take on their visits to see their kids. Excited that I get to benefit from this since I'm an advocate too!
THEN....the best part of the weekend. I got a Skype date with my hubby. Hubba hubba.

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