Thursday, October 18, 2012

care pkg example

For other military spouses facing their 1st deployment.

Lee's most recent care package:

-Bean Bag Chair Cover
(His 200 liters of bean bag fill from Bed Bath and Beyond has been ordered and is shipping directly to him. It's cheaper that way.)
-Ramen w/ Shrimp
(He actually requested that. Gross.)
-Campbell's Soup Bowls
(Beef Stew and some other hearty soup.)
-Homestyle Mac & Cheese
-Large Albacore Packets
-Smoked Salmon Packets
-Tyson Cans of Chicken
-Tyson Chicken Salad Kits
-Dole Peaches
(Plastic jar. He's always buying peaches when he's home.)
(I wrapped this jar good and then put it in a plastic bag just in case. He LOVES Salsa. Hope he can find some Tositos!)
-Variety of Ben's Microwaveable Rice Bowls
(To eat with his fish and chicken.)
-Microwaveable Chopped BBQ Brisket & Pulled Pork
-Almonds, Jerky, Sunflower Seeds

I'll be sending him several packages with these type of things in the next 2 weeks since delivery time is about to increase dramatically for the holidays.


Lindsay Swoboda said...

I don't know what Lee likes, but when my hubby was over there he loved a good head lamp (for walking the compound at night or finding things when a roomie was sleeping), comfy socks, and crossword puzzles! Looks like you are doing well girl, proud of you! I'm getting a package ready for my girlfriend who's hubby is about to deploy~ and making a care package for HER (like~ survival kit) what would you think is a good idea?

Erin said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll ask him what kind of lighting he has over there, etc!
You are such a good friend and what a sweet idea?! I'm all aout staying busy so books, movies and projects are what helps distract me best:)