Friday, October 5, 2012

friday ramble

I received THIS Mikasa haul! Loooooove the plates. BUT the flutes didn't measure up to what I was expecting. The rim was more copper than black like the image on the website appeared to be and I simply don't like it so back to Mikasa the flutes will go.

I exhibited at a trade show all day yesterday and it was frigid. I didn't think our cold front was hitting until nightfall. Wrong!  I wore a pencil skirt and was chill to the bone all day. I could not wait to put on my sweats and fuzzy socks when I got home. I even went to bed early when I got home because I was achy all over and starting to feel sickly. Feeling better today. Whew!

Found some pretties that are helping me get to 5pm today in the office.
Extra large art:
Navy + Mint:
Black and white marble tile:
Salvaged doors on tracks:

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