Monday, October 8, 2012

wknd deets

When you take one step forward followed by one step back, that is not failure, that is a cha cha.

LOVE that^

I  heard from Lee yesterday morning but I hadn't heard from him since our Skype time (last Thursday)! I've gotten used to talking to him every other day so by day 3, I was in a slight panic. I know! Exactly what they tell you not to do...He said the network had been down so communication is lost when that happens. Nonetheless, I kept busy trying to focus on fun things. I went to a football watch party that Kristin's mom was hosting. We gobbled on her mom's yummy cooking and watched the kiddos make potato head pumpkin characters that Kristin's mama got at Target. Cute, huh?!
My mama and grandma came into town just in time for lunch yesterday. We had lunch and then shopped till we dropped. Mom found a super cute RL comforter for her and dad's master bedroom so the remainder of the day was spent on a scavenger hunt finding the perfect accessories. But only after I managed to find a cute outfit to wear to my cousin's bridal shower next weekend. Of course I'm wearing it to work today. White blouse with black leather short sleeves. BANANAS. I love leather. BUT loving the outfit even more so because I'm wearing it with a pleated polka dot chiffon skirt and red tights.
We stopped by Jo-ann Fabric and got fabric for grandma to make the youngest kiddos in our family these costumes!
We had dinner after shutting the stores down and headed home to raise my curtains since they were now too long after the seamstress added more length. We then giggled past bedtime. I LOVE having our home filled with conversation again. I mean...Cooper is great and all but teaching him not to bark doesn't provide much conversation between him and I.
I'm going to try and get a good picture of the curtains after work to show you...if I can get home before dark tonight.
I had such a good time with my family and Lee even said in his email I received this morning (in response to mine before I went to bed last night) that he could hear the happiness in my email and says that makes him happy and of course him being happy makes me happy sooooo I'm gald we're all happy!

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