Tuesday, October 16, 2012

weekend in pictures

I took a pic of this little guy while my dad was staining my parent's deck on Friday.
My mom, grandma and I drove 4 hours south for my cousin's bridal shower. Melanie and Maggie are twins but you wouldn't know that by looking at them! Love the leather sleeves on my new shirt.
After the shower we drove a few hours north to meet my cousin and aunt for dinner and a little shopping. But not without changing into our OU gear first. Boomer Sooner! We creamed Texas on Saturday and I had fun telling all the sales clerks about it when they said something about my hat.
Brandi in her OSU garb and me in OU at HomeGoods:
We got back to my parent's house super late but in the morning mom and I had fun rearranging a few things before unpacking the goods she scored at HomeGoods. From the den, I moved this plaid chair into their master to go with the red floral RL comforter and new stripe curtains she got last weekend. We love mixing prints! The floral arrangement had been in their bathroom and I love the placement here. A lot of the same colors are used throughout the house so it was fun shopping around the house and making stuff feel new by placing it somewhere different. Not sure everything else on the dresser will stay. Sorry for the phone pic. I need to start taking my Nikon everywhere with me, huh?
Before heading home, I stopped to see the building progress of my aunt and uncle's new house. Walls are up and texture is complete! This is the living room:
Yesterday was a crazy day for me but Lee did have flowers delivered and waiting for me in my office when I got to work. Obviously I miss him everyday but yesterday that feeling was tenfold.

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