Monday, September 17, 2012

weekend deets

This past weekend I went south to see my family. Grandma must want me to visit more often because she made my favorite home cooked meal! Yummm:
Chicken Fried Steak
White Gravy
Mashed Taters
Mac & Cheese (NOT FROM A BOX)
Chocolate Sheath Cake
Pop was feeding the horses when we got there. My little cousin's toy horse is precious, no? Everyone, meet Molly. Mine was named Molly too! But I think my legs were as long as Molly's legs when I was little!
Earlier that day Dad and I had been in town supporting Mom at one of her events she helps coordinate for the city. It was a fun festival and I got to spend lots of time prowling antique stores downtown. Scored an awesome lucite and glass mirrored tray for 9 beans! Woohoo! This awesomeness is resting on our dining room table for now.
Notice that fabulous ikat fabric in the reflection? Yep. THESE curtains were finally finished and we were able to pick them up from the seamstress. Actually, mom picked them up for me so I could drool over them as soon as I got to the house. Big reveal soon!

I talked to Lee for a couple of minutes. No really. It was only a couple minutes before the connection dropped. He's super busy and learning a ton. I sent him a pic via email of all the food Grandma had cooked for me and Grandma scolded me. She even used my middle name when I told her what I was doing.  Ha! I could hear the sarcasm reading Lee's response when he told me he would send me a picture of his food!

Our sweet friends, Taylor and Jacob, mailed Lee some kind of crazy antenna that only Lee and Jacob would construe with those engineer brains of theirs. Hopefully this antenna will improve his internet connection tremendously so we can Skype! He's able to check his email periodically when he's near the office but I need to see his face in real time, ya know? Like yesterday. Incredibly blessed to have such great friends...genius ones too!

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