Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 Emmy Awards

2012 Emmy Awards happened last night. Which means we all got to drool over fashion too! Except...I didn't seem much that was drool worthy. Personal opinion, don't hate. I actually had very few favorites this year. I'm only going to list my favs since my dislike list is far too long to even begin to mention.

For starters, Claire Danes is A-mazing. Incredibly talented and always well spoken in her acceptance speech-I love her. Do you watch Homeland? If not, you should. Big fan. I first became a fan of hers after after watching Brokedown Palace. I even brokedown the script to use it as a competition piece for a dramatic duet in high school. After her win last night, I sent a text to my buddy, Caroline, saying that I wish Claire Danes were my big sister. Ha! Danes was beautiful and glowing with her growing baby bump. Although, I wished she wouldn't have worn yellow!
I wish I had seen a classic  red lipstick on her too. This color is so hard for us blondes to wear. Although I love the color, I tend to shy away from it myself.

A color that I have a lot of in my closet is grey and I think this next dress was beautifully made. Emily Vancamp dazzled but still look comfortable. I love the textures of her dress and could  easily imagine myself selecting the same one to wear had I gone to the Emmy Awards...just wish it were in another color. Makes her look a bit washed out, no?
(J. Mendel)
And still, I would have worn a bolder shade of pink lips. Sorry ladies, I'm just not a fan of the barely there lips on the red carpet! Anyone else excited about Revenge season premiere?!

Next up is Edie Falco. I don't watch her show but thought she looked great last night. On the other hand, I guess I lied. I do prefer the barely there lips in the dress. A+ lip color on this one. I just can't get enough of this dress design and I guess no one else can either:
(Stella McCartney)

Look familiar? Prob because you've seen it before...wish we had seen something new but whatever.

There you have it. These were my top 3. Not saying much seeing how I had a lot of edits. My trophy goes to the makeup artists on this one. I liked a lot of the makeup and beautiful skin more than any of the dresses for the 2012 Emmy Awards. For every dress I seemed to wish it had been in a different color or something was missing, etc. Boooo.

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