Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I feel so out of the loop in blog world since I'm at a trade show all this week!

I did venture out to TJ's on break Monday...and bought a full/queen size RL comforter. Regularly $500 and on super-dupa sale-I could not say no because it was beautiful and just the eclectic vibe I want to continue in our home. I'm not committed to the idea but I don't think I'm going to take it out of the bag until we move. (After Lee get backs.) I must be crazy. These are pix I found on the web.

This booger is such good quality and has an awesome nice denim look on the opposite side and a great braided piping along the edges. I like the idea of finding these things for our next home. My most favorite room designs are those that are of a collected look of all things you love.  

The 2 guestrooms we have now are pretty much staged to sale minus a few minor details I want to add and of course use long term. But how stink'n awesome would my new comforter be if I replaced the shabby chic look that is currently in the pink room? Navy on pink. Yes please!
...But no way. Staying in the bag.

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