Sunday, April 26, 2009

2nd Drill

Lee spent his weekend running, marching, etc. He passed his first full out fitness test giving us reason to cheer. Meanwhile, I got a nail in the tire of the new car and took care of it myself. I was quite the busy bee too. After a failed attempt the other night at dinner, I totally redeemed myself tonight! I've really gotten into this whole cooking thing. Sundays are my days to really prepare for the upcoming week. I do a lot of cooking and cleaning, emphasis on cooking. Lee eats. Lee eats a lot. I made 2 lbs of Sloopy Joes, 4lbs brisket (which is A-mazing), Chicken Spaghetti, Chicken Parma Rosa and don't forget the variety of sandwich meat from the deli for Lee to have a fast hunger fix. Ha! You laugh but its so nice to just come home and just warm something up for dinner. AND all these yummy things make a better lunch than a Lean Cuisine. The OKC Festival of the Arts was this weekend. We checked that out Saturday when he got home. Didn't see anything I could live without but I'm still dying to get some really spiffy art on the walls. Roger Roger.

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