Monday, August 17, 2009


Lee called me at 7am yesterday morning! I got to talk to him all day and it was A-mazing! He sent me this picture from another guy's phone to my email. We talked about my trip to Italy and how much he wished he had been able to be there and share in the fun with everyone. I told him how much fun it was and how much I had missed him not being there. It's the little things that made me miss him more. When you see something for the first time or experience something extraordinary; you want to steal a glance at your special someone or give them a nudge to make sure they saw it too. We talked about how dehydrated he has been and the insane muscle cramps he has been having. His legs were cramping so bad that he couldn't bend them and had to scoot his way around the floor to get to his plate of food. His plate of food was placed on the porch by the door for him since he can't have food in the barracks and he couldn't walk to Chow. Crazy. He didn't want an IV because he would've had to go to the hospital. He was really excited about being chosen to shoot the AT4 (Shoulder-Fired Rocket System). Only a few guys are chosen to shoot them since each rocket cost ~$10K. He said it was awesome. He didn't hit anything with it but someone said he probably killed a million ants. He said he spent our tax-payers money in a little under 1 second. He shot at a tank ~300m away with a rocket traveling at 290 m/s. He's also really excited and I am so proud of him because he shaved 1:21 off his 2 mile run for his PT test. He can now do a 2 mile run in 12:20. He's so cute and sweet and sexy and smart and funny...awe I can't wait to see him this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The white circle is where his last name reads, for obvious reasons I have blocked it.)

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Taylor said...

AWE, Lee is a baldy! I am so happy to see a picture of him! And he is smiling... that is nice to see as well! We miss you, Lee!!!