Monday, April 4, 2011

Zip Zip

The weekend went zip zip. Lee had drill so Cooper and I made a road trip to my hometown. I conquered everything on my check list except painting of the bed. I have decided to wait. I can't commit. I have decided that I will wait until my curtains are complete and the new duvet is bought. The curtains are taking FOREVER so please don't hold your breath.
Lee was selected to go to an upcoming training course to serve a senior candidate assistant. It will be the course that he went to last Summer as a trainee but this Summer he would be a trainer. Cool, huh? Hope I said that right. It is undetermined whether or not he will go for sure. We already have a full agenda so to be cont'd on that...
We have his OCS graduation date! Yay! I find this exceptionally exciting. When he graduates; commissions our new Army timeline begins. Don't judge.

Did you hear Kate Spade launched a wedding line on Saturday!? Be still my beating heart. I take this queue that I am married, therefore I can buy items from the wedding line. Too stink'n cute to leave it all those bachelorettes!

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