Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's All a Whirl

Last weekend, the girls and I flew to Houston to spend some much needed girl time with Mal. It was very hard adjusting to the time change and completing the laundry when I returned. I'm already looking forward to our next quick trip. We've decided to make these girly trips priority. Coming home, Lee informed me that he got a letter in the mail that lists the next month's weekends that he will be gone doing the drill thing...He'll be gone on my birthday. Yes. On my birthday. And so it begins... This weekend Lee has his first drill of many in Denver, CO. This guy(still learning titles)did call him yesterday to let Lee know that they are working on fitting him in with the OKC Drill weekends so he can avoid traveling costs to Denver. He would be able to drill in OKC until he completes Basic. This is all happening fast, its hard to keep up with the facts. The fact is that I have 12 weekends left with Lee. 9 if you count drill weekends when he's gone. There's so much I want to do before he leaves for 4 months. We need to fix the gate to the backyard, activate the alarm system... On a positive note, I have learned that Mandy Moore recently got married in no other than my favorite place in America; Savannah, GA.

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